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This article is about the Star Wars Resistance episode. You may be looking for the race.

"The Voxx Vortex 5000" is the ninth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television December 1, 2019 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

The Colossus visits a casino for some racing that will hopefully bring a big payday to the platform. But the owner's ships may not be so easy to defeat. [3]

Plot summary[]

Hype's proposal[]

The episode opens with Griff Halloran and Bo Keevil fighting in the Aces' Lounge while Hype Fazon watches. Shortly later, Captain Imanuel Doza, Jarek Yeager, and Bucket enter the lounge for a prescheduled meeting with Hype. Hype tells them that he has a solution for the problem of the Aces going crazy without Doza not allowing them to race. Doza explains that they are trying not to draw attention to the Colossus because it is far too dangerous.

Hype proposes that they race somewhere else. He explains that his old friend Vranki has a deluxe racing circuit in the Voxx Cluster. Captain Doza says he understands how it solves the Aces' boredom problem but asks what It would do for the rest of the Colossus. Hype says that they have six of the best aces in the galaxy and can make some serious money at Vranki's Hotel and Casino. Yeager thinks this is a mutual win for everyone since they are running low on supplies. Hype says it will fix everything.

Captain Doza acquiesces to Hype's money-making plan and says they will set a course for Vranki's casino. However he solemnly warns Hype not to make him regret this decision. The other Aces including Kazuda Xiono, Torra Doza, Freya Fenris, Griff, and Bo all cheer and jump at the news.

Guests of Vranki[]

The Colossus travels to Vranki's Hotel and Casino in the Voxx Cluster, an asteroid field. Kaz, Hype, Captain Doza, Yeager, Torra, Neeku Vozo, and the other Aces travel to the space hotel in a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle. Kaz is surprised that Hype learned to race in an asteroid field. Hype remarks that out here you are either a great racer or a goner. He believes that they can make serious credits if they play things the right way.

As the shuttle approaches a hangar bay with a colorful hologram of a Hutt, Kaz asks who exactly is this Vranki guy. The orange shuttle lands inside the hangar bay and the passengers disembark out the docking ramp. They are greeted by a service droid called TC-G3, who welcomes them to Vranki's Hotel and Casino. Vranki soon arrives on a floating throne with a gorg inside a nutrient jar. He remarks that the notorious Hype Fazon has returned. Hype greets him.

Vranki tells Hype's friends that Hype was his biggest money-maker in the Voxx cluster. Hype quips that Vranki never found a better pilot than him. Vranki hugs Hype tightly while Neeku remarks that this is a beautiful reunion. Hype breaks free and tells Vranki not to touch his goods. Vranki claims that he is not like the other Hutts and calls himself Vranki the Blue, the proprietor and owner of Vranki's Hotel and Casino.

The droid leads them inside as Hype boasts of his gambling exploits. Vranki gives them a tour of his casino, claiming that it is a legitimate business. As they enter the casino, Kaz notices that the casino is largely empty. Vranki tells off two Kowakian monkey-lizards who are standing on a snooker table. Vranki says that business at his casino has been quiet since the start of the First Order/Resistance War unlike Canto Bight.

Two Kowakian monkey-lizard valets bring several treats and refreshments. Kaz gorges himself on snacks while Torra says that she doesn't know what she drank but that it tastes so good. Vranki remarks that he is Hype's sponsor and proud of his "boy."

Yeager says that racing is what brought them here. Captain Doza says they are just here to look for a friendly race and to make some credits while passing through the system. Vranki says that he is always interested in some friendly racing before gesturing towards the window. Kaz and Torra race to the viewport and watch three colorful racers racing through the asteroid field. The red racer crashes against an asteroid. Vranki laughs to Kaz and Torra's discomfort.

Vranki's trap[]

Meanwhile, Neeku is impressed by a shiny hologame which involves a racer. Hype asks Vranki about the stakes. The Hutt says that business has been slow but thinks that the Aces will draw a crowd and tells Hype that he wants him back. He hopes to make millions of credits from the casino. Hype tells Vranki that he does not want to be part of his gambling schemes anymore.

Vranki offers Hype and his team a wager. He tells them that they are welcome to race and make money here. If he wins, he gets his money. If he loses, he stays here and races for him. Vranki warns Hype that the money he makes will be his. Hype realizes that Vranki has not changed.

Captain Doza speaks with Hype privately and warns him that a Hutt cannot be trusted. While recognizing that they need credits, he warns Hype that they cannot afford to lose him. Hype reassures Captain Doza and Jarek Yeager that he can handle this course and that they will make money and be on their way. Hype agrees to Vranki's deal and the Hutt bets 25,000 credits on Hype Fazon. He orders that the race begin. Griff, Freya, and Bo are also present.

Later in space, Hype lines up his racer Green Ace in formation with one of Vranki's racers. TC-G3 explains that this is a straight one on one race and that the first racer to pass through the final hoop wins. Kaz thinks that Hype can handle a straight run. Gazing out the window at the asteroid field, Yeager points out that there is no such thing as a straight run in an asteroid field. As the other Aces watch, TC-G3 readies Hype and his competitor, who is flying a white and blue racer.

The two racers fire off their engines. The competitor initially takes the lead but Hype manages to catch up and outrun him, narrowly avoiding an asteroid field. Hype's fellow Aces cheer while Yeager and Captain Doza watch. Hype wanders who is this new racer he is competing against and vows not to let the racer outrace him. TC-G3 announces the racers are entering the final phase of the race.

Approaching the final hoop, Hype fires up the Green Ace. However, the blue and white competitor reveals that it is a racing droid that latches onto the Green Ace, trapping Hype and his racer. After slowing it down, it detaches from the Green Ace and rockets forward into the final hoop, beating Hype. The Aces respond with dismay while TC-G3 announces that Hype Fazon has lost the race and that "Team Vranki" wins. The Hutt boasts that he has bet the right racing.

Playing rough[]

In the casino lounge, Vranki's monkey-lizards entertain the despondent Griff, Bo, and Freya. Hype denounces Vranki as a slimy cheat for not telling him that he was racing a droid. However, the Hutt is unmoved and says that you have got to be prepared for anything because racing is a dangerous business and that his droids are very resilient. Hype says that this is downright cheating.

Captain Doza agrees with Hype and tells the Hutt he is not getting Hype. Vranki brushes off his concerns and responds that a deal is a deal. Captain Doza says that they are not going to play by some cheater's rules and will be leaving right now. Vranki responds that he wouldn't do that if I were you. A pair of burly Kowakian ape-lizards block Doza, Yeager, and Torra from leaving. Vranki laughs and tells them that they have to play by his rules in his casino. He adds that his security hasn't had a good meal in a while. With little choice, Captain Doza says he has to do what he can to renegotiate.

Later, Kaz, Torra and Hype finds Neeku in the game room. Neeku does not recommend playing the games here because their algorithms have been modified to make it impossible to win. Kaz notices that the game has been modelled after the same game course while Hype asks Neeku if he thinks that the droids out there and in the hologames are connected. Neeku thinks that the droids and hologames may share the same droid control core.

Hype asks Neeku if he can figure out a way to hack into the system and beat those cheaters. Neeku thinks this is possible since the hologames and racer droids appear to share the same logistical patterns. Kaz smiles.

High stakes[]

Back in Vranki's throne room, Captain Doza refuses to bet on the Colossus. Vranki suggests he could refurbish it into a casino. Just then, Kaz enters and tells Doza and Yeager they need to get Hype back. He tells Vranki that this is not fair. The Hutt retorts that life is not fair and suggests raising the stakes. He proposes another wager: sending another one of their racers to race against his droids. If they win, they get Hype back. If they lose, he keeps that racer and their ship.

Captain Doza rejects that wager and says he won't risk losing anymore of his pilots. Kaz requests to speak with Doza for a moment. He whispers into Doza's ears. Vranki grows impatient and calls them back. Doza returns to the negotiations and tells Vranki that if they win, they get Hype back. But if the Hutt wins, he gets to keep the Ace and their ship in addition to Hype. Vranki thinks this is a great deal and orders the droid TC-G3 to start the preparations for the Voxx Vortex 5000.

Yeager thinks that the others have lost their minds. Captain Doza reassures Yeager that Kaz and Neeku have a plan that would even the odds. Yeager asks if he is sure about this. Captain Doza says he is not sure but that they have to get Hype back. He reaffirms his trust in the Aces.

Captain Doza speaks with his racers. Freya is pessimistic about their chances of success because the droid racers are fast and don't care if they get smashed by asteroids. Kaz says that Neeku can determine the algorithm of Vranki's racers and that he will be on the comm to guide them. Freya is incredulous that Kaz based this whole bet on Neeku's hunch that the droid racers and the hologram are the same. When Kaz nods his head, she says that they don't have anything in common because it is a hologame. Captain Doza reassures the Aces that he trusts them and Neeku and vows to get Hype back.

A rigged race[]

While Vranki smokes on a hooka pipe connected to the gorg nutrient jar, TC-G3 announces that the Voxx Vortex 5000 is about to commence. For the race, Freya will race against Team Vranki in her racer Red Ace without using any weapon. She says that the first racer to reach the finish line wins. While Yeager watches, Neeku hacks into Vranki's computer system.

After the TC-G3 announces the start of the race, Freya races against Vranki's racer droid through the asteroid field. Freya communicates with Neeku over the intercom. Neeku warns her that Vranki's droid is coming from her left blind spot. Freya vows not to be beaten by the droid racer. The droid racer rams Freya's racer and manages to take the lead. The droid racer beats Freya through the finish hoop.

Vranki is jubilant and asks Captain Doza if he wants try another. Bo Keevil flies out in the Yellow Ace against Vranki's racer. Vranki launches three magnetic mines. Monitoring his datapad, Neeku warns Keevil that Vranki has deployed magnetic mines on his starboard side. Keevil manages to escape the mines, which blow up an asteroid field but is beaten by the racer droid. TC-G3 announces another victory.

Captain Doza is angry that Vranki has broken the promise not to use weapons and asks what kind of race is this. Vranki replies that this is the fun kind and that anything can happen. Having lost three racers, he asks Captain Doza if he is willing to bet on the Colossus and its defense force.

The next racer is Griff Halloran, who flies in the Black Ace. During the race, Vranki's droid racer rams into his ship. Neeku advises Halloran to move 40 degrees port-side and to punch it. However, Vranki activates several hidden laser cannons inside the asteroids. Neeku warns Griff not to punch it because there are obstacles ahead. Griff laughs as the laser cannons pepper the space around the Black Ace. Griff avoids the laser bolts but is beaten by the racer droid to the finish line. The TC-G3 announces another victory for Team Vranki.

Vranki's gambit[]

Torra says she has had enough and wants to be the next racer. Captain Doza refuses to let his daughter work for this "bloated sack of slime." Vranki is surprised that Torra is Doza's daughter. Kaz volunteers and says he wants to do a relay race as well, proposing that him and Torra race against Vranki and his droids. Vranki says this is tempting but not a sweet enough deal.

Torra proposes wagering the Colossus as collateral. Vranki is eager but Captain Doza is opposed to the idea. Torra tells her father that even if they win, the platform is defenseless and they are not going to last out there. She says they have no choice. Doza agrees but says that they only throw in the Colossus. He also tells Vranki to throw in an additional 500,000 credits to match the wager and makes Vranki promise to return all his Aces. Believing that he is winning, Vranki decides to gamble and accept the steep wager. Doza tells his daughter that he trusts her and Kaz to do this.

Later in the game room, Neeku tells Kaz and Torra that this is the most complex game he has ever played. Kaz tells Neeku that this is not a game and warns that if they lose this next one, they lose for good. He tells Neeku no pressure but Neeku disagrees and says he feels a tremendous amount of pressure.

Racing for freedom[]

As Torra and Kaz line up their racers Blue Ace and Fireball at the start line, TC-G3 announces the race. Neeku tells Torra to stay above the droid racer because its flight path is erratic. She responds that no droid pilot is as good as the real one. TC-G3 is alarmed that Team Vranki can't keep up with Torra Doza. The droid ship activates weapons.

Neeku warns Torra in the game room. He is being watched by two Kowakian monkey lizards. The droid racer pursues the Blue Ace. Captain Doza reminds Vranki that he promised no weapons and demands that he shut it down. Vranki laughs and says that it is too late for that now. Blue Ace is soon hit by laser fire, causing R23-X9 to beep in alarm. Torra screams no and says she is hit.

The droid racer streams through the hoop. Xiono says this was a cheap shot and encourages Torra. She tells him that he has got this and tells him to go. Neeku warns Kaz that multiple energy sources are closing on the Fireball. One of the magnetic mines explodes but two pursue Xiono's racer. Xiono manages to fly through two colliding asteroids. The magnetic mines collide with the asteroids.

Neeku tells Kaz to stay on that course but the Kowakian monkey-lizards grab the datapad and attack him. TG-C3 says that Kaz is attempting to take the lead and quips that she will blow her servomotor if it gets too exciting. The droid racer launches rear blasters. Kaz calls Neeku for help but the Nikto is preoccupied with the monkey-lizards.

As Kaz approaches the finish hoop, he dodges laser cannons. Vranki is upset that things are going offcourse. Hype retorts that anything can happen. TG-C3 announces that both racers are neck in neck. Vranki then activates two hidden laser cannons in the finishing hoop. Kaz is forced to dodge the laser cannons while Neeku struggles against the monkey-lizards.

Kaz manages to catch up with the droid racer and position his ship below it. The droid racer tries to trap Kaz but Kaz decides to use the droid ship as a shield against the laser cannons. Neeku manages to deactivate the finish hoop's laser cannon. Kaz thanks Neeku and accelerates ahead, racing through the finish hoop. TG-C3 is shocked while Captain Doza and Yeager are jubilant. Vranki buries his face in defeat. Hype playfully smacks Vranki and cheers.

Homeward bound[]

Following the race, Captain Doza thanks Kaz and Torra for their efforts. Torra thanks her dad and says it was pretty close but they pulled it off. Kaz adds with a little help. Neeku struggles against the Kowakian monkey-lizards. Honoring their agreement, Vranki tells Captain Doza to take his Aces and the money he had had wagered. Kowakian monkey-lizards carry out a box of credits.

The Kowakian ape-lizards make way for the Aces and the Colossus residents. A humbled Vranki invites the Aces to race for him in return for a life of luxury. Hype rejects his offer and says that he would rather take his chances out there, adding that it was a “pleasure” doing business with him. Vranki pleads with Hype but the Aces are having none of it.

Captain Doza thanks the Aces and tells 4D-M1N to prep the Colossus, telling her that it is time to get away from this horrible casino. Neeku pleads with his friends to wait for him because he is getting too attached to his new friends. An alien gambler laughs in the background.


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
  • Executive Produced by – Brandon Auman, Athena Yvette Portillo, Justin Ridge
  • Executive Producer – Dave Filoni
  • Supervising Director – Justin Ridge
  • Directed by – Steward Lee
  • Written by – Gavin Hignight
  • Story Consultant – Steven Melching
  • Star Wars Resistance Theme & Score by – Michael Tavera
  • Original Star Wars Themes & Score by – John Williams
  • Co-producer – Josh Rimes
  • Voice Director – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Art Director – Amy Beth Christenson
  • Digital Asset Supervisor – Paul Zinnes
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  • Rights and clearances by – Entertainment Clearances, Inc., Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier


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