"How can one who doesn't believe in his own powers stand against the power of another? It is impossible."
Palpatine, in The Weakness of Inferiors[src]

The Weakness of Inferiors was the second volume of Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Compendium. The Weakness of Inferiors talked about the secrets of control—without violence—over the innocent, the ignorant, and "all inferiors". It discussed ways to properly control and persuade the weak using the Force. Palpatine advocated a mix of fear and awe.

Palpatine was most proud of his teaching. All the content in The Weakness of Inferiors was developed by Palpatine himself, out of his own experience. Palpatine revealed this volume to Luke Skywalker without hesitation, convinced that young Skywalker was forever lost in the dark side of the Force.

This volume covered mainly four aspects:

  • All power comes from outside the weak.
  • The face of authority.
  • The law of fear.
  • The weak do not understand the Force.

It was estimated that reading the entire Weakness of Inferiors would require 96 hours. Luke Skywalker heard the content from Palpatine's own lips after his fall to the dark side.



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