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The Well was a purpose-built facility at Lothal's Academy for Young Imperials which could be remotely configured to simulate a wide variety of obstacle courses and challenges. It was a large artificial pit that could automatically descend to a certain depth. Its walls were flanked by automated repulsorlift platforms that were used by the cadets to climb back to the top. It could sometimes be remotely configured to include the Pillar, a towering structure that the cadets were required to climb.[2]

The Well was used by Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko to instill the importance of achieving victory at all costs among the cadets. Aresko also rewarded the top three winners with extra rations, work details at the Imperial Complex, and even a ride on an AT-DP walker. He also used the Well to assess the physical prowess, mental acuity, leadership skills, and strategic adaptability of the Imperial cadets. While infiltrating the Imperial Academy, the rebel Ezra Bridger trained with fellow cadets Jai Kell and Zare Leonis on several occasions in the Well.[2]

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