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The Wheezer was a Human male anarchist who became the leader of the Revolutionary Edge Brigade on Brentaal IV during the time of the Cold War, and the former mentor of the Rattataki criminal Kaliyo Djannis. Both of them fought against the reconstituted Sith Empire before Kaliyo left to work on Nal Hutta.

Because the man wore a breath mask on his mouth, everyone called him "the Wheezer." His head had received many scars.

Kaliyo later reestablished contact with the Revolutionary Edge Brigade after she became an associate of Cipher Nine and has been selling them Imperial secrets. This was revealed to Cipher Nine in a meeting with Kaliyo. When the Wheezer revealed his intention to harvest Cipher Nine's organs in order to bypass Imperial security, Kaliyo was forced to pick a side and helped Cipher Nine fight the Revolutionary Edge Brigade. In the aftermath of the battle, Kaliyo ended the Wheezer's life.

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