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"The Wish Plant" is the second episode of the second season of Ewoks. Written by Bob Carrau and directed by Dale Schott, the episode originally aired on ABC on September 13, 1986.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Kneesaa is not having very good luck with her gardening. Despite her pleading, her last surviving flower dies. Kneesaa worries that the village will never trust her to take care of the Soul Trees. Wicket, Latara, and Teebo visit her, but they aren't very encouraging. But then, in a sudden swirling wind, the Leaf Queen arrives. She asks Kneesaa to take care of a special plant for her. Kneesaa tells her that all the plants she's taken care of have died, but the Queen says to give it "lots of love" and she will do fine. The Queen vows to return for the plant in three suns' time, and with another swirling wind, she vanishes.

Baga, Kneesaa and the wish plant

The other Ewoks tease Kneesaa about the plant, and Wicket causes her to spook Baga, causing him to run off, pulling the wagon carrying the plant—and now Kneesaa—along with him. They finally crash in a pit of mud. Kneesaa wishes for something to help clean her up, and the plant magically gives her a brush. Then she wishes for something pretty to wear, and the plant gives her a bow. Teebo figures that what she has is a wish plant. Then Latara decides that she wouldn't mind having a wish plant for herself, so she later takes the plant from Kneesaa's hut. But the same greed grabs hold of Wicket, and later Teebo, and the three all keep taking the plant from each other. By the time Kneesaa gets it back, the plant is wilted from being all used up. When the Queen comes back for plant, Wicket fibs that the plant is sleeping because Kneesaa has been giving it naps. The Queen warns them about happened to the last creature who harmed one of her plants and says that she will return before the sun goes down. So Wicket set out to try to find another wish plant. In the mean time, Teebo tries to heal the plant with a magic spell, but as usual, it doesn't turn out quite right. Wicket returns having not had any luck either. Kneesaa cries over the plant as she apologizes to it. She turns to leave the hut to go tell the Leaf Queen the truth, not seeing that her tears actually healed the plant. Kneesaa starts to apologize, and her friends join in. But when the Queen retrieves the plant, they all see that the plant is fine. The Queen then assures Kneesaa that she'll take good care of the Soul Trees one day. The wish plant then blooms some seeds for Kneesaa, which the Queen says she should plant them before it snows. Now the other Ewoks want Kneesaa to share her wish plant seeds.

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Wicket and his Do-It-Yourself Warrior Kit.


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