The Wookiee Storybook is a Star Wars Legends picture book written by Eleanor Ehrhardt and illustrated by Patricia Wynne. It follows the young Wookiee Lumpy as he travels to the Nother World to collect wasaka berries for Chewbacca's two-hundredth birthday. The book was licensed by Black Falcon Ltd. and published by Random House on September 12, 1979.

Publisher's summary[]

Lumpy's descent to the nother world [sic] on his jungle planet to hunt for special berries for his father's homecoming becomes a scary adventure.

Plot summary[]

On the jungle planet Kashyyyk, the young Wookiee Lumpawarrump (Lumpy) and his mother, Mallatobuck (Malla), are preparing a surprise party for Chewbacca, Lumpy's father and Malla's husband. It is Chewbacca's two-hundredth birthday, and he is returning to Kashyyyk after traveling with the pilot Han Solo for three years. Malla wants to make wasaka-berry pudding, which Chewbacca loves, but she does not have enough wasaka berries. Lumpy asks if he can go get the berries, which are located in the dangerous "Nother World." Malla does not want Lumpy to get hurt, so she refuses, upsetting Lumpy. Lumpy's grandfather, Attichitcuk (Itchy) decides to cheer up the young Wookiee by telling him a story of Chewbacca's heroism.

Lumpy journeys into the Nother World.

Itchy tells Lumpy that long ago, the Wookiees came to Kashyyyk from another planet. However, one day, slavers came to Kashyyyk and captured several Wookiees, including Chewbacca, and took them to the slavers' planet. When Solo visited the planet, the pilot helped the Wookiees free themselves from the slavers. From then on, Chewbacca had the honor of being Solo's copilot. Itchy concludes his story and describes what the upcoming bicentennial party will be like.

Lumpy becomes inspired by Itchy's story and decides to go get the wasaka berries, despite Malla's warning. Lumpy begins to climb down into the Nother World, but he slips and plummets into a swamp. The beasts in the Nother World chase Lumpy until he dives into a log to hide. Meanwhile, Malla realizes that Lumpy has disappeared, so she sends thought waves to Chewbacca to come quickly. Chewbacca receives the message and flies an explorer craft away from the Millennium Falcon to save Lumpy. Chewbacca finds Lumpy and returns with him to the house. Chewbacca tells Lumpy that he is a hero for never giving up while trapped in the Nother World. After arriving back home, Chewbacca is surprised by the birthday party, and hundreds of Wookiees celebrate.


"When I set out to recast and redeem the Lumpy story in The Black Fleet Crisis, I was drawing on a copy of the Star Wars Storybook which Lucasfilm loaned to me after turning down my proposal to give Chewbacca a polygamous family—I was obliged to work with the family Chewbacca already had."
―Michael P. Kube-McDowell[src]

The Wookiee Storybook features Chewbacca's family and home, which first appeared in the 1978 television movie The Star Wars Holiday Special.[1]

The 1996 novel Tyrant's Test references the events of The Wookiee Storybook, revealing that Lumpy's misadventure had grown among his friends and family with each retelling. According to Tyrant's Test author Michael P. Kube-McDowell, his proposal to give Chewbacca a polygamous family in Tyrant's Test was turned down by Lucasfilm, who cited The Wookiee Storybook and loaned him a copy.[2]

The events of The Wookiee Storybook are also referenced in the 2018 book Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandor.[3]




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