Lumpy picking wasaka berries in the lower levels of Kashyyyk

The Wookiee Storybook is a 40-page children's book written by Eleanor Ehrhardt (uncredited in the book itself) and illustrated by Patricia Wynne, and published in 1979. It was one of three short children's storybooks released that year, along with The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot and The Maverick Moon. It bears some similarities to the prior year's The Star Wars Holiday Special, both taking place primarily on Kashyyyk, involving Chewbacca returning home for a celebration, and featuring the same members of Chewbacca's family.

The book focuses on a misadventure of Lumpy's, in which he travels to the "Nother World," or the lower levels of Kashyyyk, in order to search for a type of fruit that his father, Chewbacca, loves.

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Lumpawarrump and his mother, Mallatobuck, are preparing for Chewbacca's 200th birthday. Malla tries to make wasaka-berry pudding, but she doesn't have enough wasaka berries. Lumpy asks if he can go get the wasaka berries, but they are located in the "Nother World." Malla doesn't want Lumpy to get hurt, so she refuses, upsetting Lumpy. Grandpa Itchy decides to cheer Lumpy up by telling him a story of Chewbacca's heroism. Lumpy becomes inspired by Itchy's story and decides to go get the wasaka berries.

Lumpy begins to climb down into the Nother World but slips on the ladder and plummets all the way into the Nother World and lands in a swamp. The beasts in the Nother World chase Lumpy until he dives into a log to hide. Meanwhile, Malla realizes that Lumpy has disappeared, so she sends thought waves to Chewbacca to come quickly. Chewbacca receives the message and flies an explorer craft away from the Millennium Falcon to save Lumpy. Chewbacca finds Lumpy and returns with him to the house. En route, Chewbacca tells Lumpy that he is a hero for never giving up while trapped in the Nother World. After arriving back home, Chewbacca is surprised by a secret birthday party.


This book contains the only recorded instance of Wookiees using thought waves, a telepathic link between adult Wookiees. The story also features a dual-seater starship held within the Millennium Falcon.

This book, along with The Kashyyyk Depths (published a month earlier), introduces the concept of Kashyyyk having a layered ecosystem, an idea later used and expanded upon in other works, such as Heir to the Empire.

In the story that Itchy tells Lumpy, he says that Wookiees are not Kashyyyk natives, that they immigrated to Kashyyyk from an unspecified planet centuries before. Later sources say that Wookiees are native to Kashyyyk. It's possible Itchy was merely spinning an entertaining yarn for his grandson rather than stating something he believed to be factual.

Itchy says at the conclusion of his story that Wookiees considered it a "great honor" when Han Solo chose Chewbacca as his protector and copilot. It is unclear why this would be so, since, in the time period of Itchy's story, Han was a relatively unknown, small-time smuggler.

The novel Tyrant's Test (the third book of The Black Fleet Crisis trilogy) references the events of The Wookiee Storybook. It reveals that Lumpy's misadventure in the book had grown much in the retelling, until it became a family fable of sorts, populated by every monster of the dark depths of both jungle and imagination. It also explains that since that event, Lumpy had been content to stay close to the home tree. According to author Michael P. Kube-McDowell, "When I set out to recast and redeem the Lumpy story in The Black Fleet Crisis, I was drawing on a copy of the Star Wars Storybook which Lucasfilm loaned to me after turning down my proposal to give Chewbacca a polygamous family—I was obliged to work with the family Chewbacca already had."[1]


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