"The planet Wynkahthu. As I happened to pass it on my travels, I detected an Imperial freighter adrift in the upper atmosphere. Escape pods jettisoned, completely abandoned."
―Hondo Ohnaka[6]

"The Wynkahthu Job" is the ninth episode of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels' third season.[2] It is the forty-sixth episode of the series overall. It aired on November 26, 2016 on Disney XD.[1]

Official description[]

The Ghost crew teams with Hondo and Azmorigan for a weapons score.[2]

Plot summary[]

A "win-win situation"[]

Lothal rebels and pirates discuss recovery mission

The Spectres meet with Hondo and Azmorigan

Ezra Bridger and his fellow Spectres are meeting aboard the Ghost with Hondo Ohnaka. Ezra thinks that Hondo can be trusted, but Sabine Wren reminds him that he has gotten them into trouble half the time. The door opens and Hondo greets his "old friends." He tells them that their visit warms the old pirate's heart. Hondo also takes off his hat and shows his graying hair. Garazeb Orrelios angrily reminds Hondo that he abandoned them on a doomed Imperial station. Ezra counters that it "all worked out the last time."

Hondo tells them that he always delivers and promises to tell them about something he and his new partner have cooked up. Ezra tells his fellow rebels to keep an open mind. The door opens and an impatient Azmorigan asks Hondo if he has recruited the "two-bit" smugglers. Hera Syndulla is unhappy to see Azmorigan again and doesn't want to work with the crime lord. Hondo tells that he is offering them a "win-win" situation and that they have something that will profit the rebellion.

Outside, the Ghost is attached to Hondo's stolen Imperial landing craft. Back aboard the Ghost, Hera tells Hondo that she doesn't care about what he has to offer and refused to let Azmorigan aboard her ship. Azmorigan recalls that Hera was the "feisty one" who hit him with the tray. Ezra tells Hera to take it easy but Hera responds that this "bag of bantha fodder" tried to buy her from that "sleemo" Lando Calrissian and make her a servant. Azmorigan responds that he paid a fair price and says that he technically still owns her.

Hondo tries to calm things down and tells them not to be blind to his "fabulous deal." Kanan Jarrus responds that he is interested in Hondo's offer. Hera is adamant that she is not moving her ship until she knows what he has to offer. Hondo says that he is offering all the weapons aboard an abandoned class four container transport. Hera is not interested until Hondo tells he that the cargo ship is carrying proton bombs, something which Ezra told him that the rebellion was interested in acquiring. Hera tells Hondo to show them.

Planning the mission[]

Lothal rebels and Hondo planning mission

Hondo and the Spectres discussing their mission

The Ghost detaches itself from Hondo's landing craft and flies towards the planet Wynkahthu. Hondo tells them that he had encountered an Imperial cargo ship berthing in the upper atmosphere of Wynkahthu while traveling by the planet. Hondo tells them that he found the ship abandoned by its crew. Sabine checks the Ghost's computers and finds that the cargo ship has gotten stuck in one of Wynkahthu's atmospheric storms. The ship is slowly being pulled inside a vortex. Hondo warns them that the ship will soon be destroyed with its cargo.

Azmorigan presents the ship's manifest to the Spectres and confirms it is loaded with proton bombs. When Hera asks why they are interested in the ship, Hondo reveals that he and Azmorigan are after precious metals on the ship including ancient artifacts and riches untold. Ezra minds Hondo that those treasures were from worlds plundered by the Galactic Empire. Zeb suggests splitting the treasure and Hondo bursts out laughing. He pats Ezra on the shoulder and reminds the rebels that they get to keep the bombs while he and Azmorigan keep the treasures.

When Sabine asks why Hondo is soliciting their services instead of using his Ugnaught crew, Hondo claims that it is a "long, boring story" and that this job is perfect for the Spectres. Kanan then asks if the Empire can't salvage the ship, what hope do they have. Hondo responds that they have one thing the Empire lacks: desperation. Hera admits that Hondo is right and decides that they can't pass up this offer. Hondo loudly exclaims we have a deal. Sabine studies the chart and says they have no way offloading the cargo from the ship. She says they need to find another way.

At that point, the former Imperial RA-7 protocol droid AP-5 enters the room. Hera asks if he knows the specs for the transport. AP-5 confirms that he does and recalls that he was serving on a Class four container transport when Chopper found him. Hera tells AP-5 to work with Zeb on a plan to reach the Imperial cargo ship. Ezra starts to protest that he should get the job since he found the information first. However, Zeb responds that it is his turn. When Ezra complains to Hera, she responds that she doesn't trust Hondo and that he shouldn't as well. After Ezra leaves, Kanan expresses agreement with Hera and says that Ezra needs to learn for himself that Hondo cannot be trusted.

Boarding the cargo ship[]

Hondo reunites with Melch

Hondo's reunion with Melch

The Ghost flies into the stormy atmosphere of Wynkahthu. Hera tells AP-5 to engage the stabilizers. AP-5 estimates that they have a 38.5 percent chance of success. When Kanan protests, AP-5 responds that they would have a zero percent chance without him. Hera tells the salvage team to be ready to board the ship. She briefs them that cargo ship is sitting above the storm's vortex but that it is sinking fast and that the ship will be ripped apart. Zeb leads a team consisting of Hondo, Ezra, Chopper, and Azmorigan. Sabine stays behind to receive the cargo.

When Ezra cheekily addresses Zeb as Captain Orrelious, Zeb warns him that he should talk to Hera after the mission if he has a problem. The fat Azmorigan struggles to climb down the stairs and Hera is disgusted by his presence. When Hondo tells his "frail friend" that the freighter is dangerous and that he should stay aboard the Ghost with his "singing voice," Azmorigan reminds him that he wants half of the treasure. He insists that the mission will not go ahead without him. The rebels open the cargo ramp of the Ghost and jump onto the cargo ship's hull.

They find a manhole and jump inside the ship. Zeb then tells Chopper to restore the ship's power systems in order to aid their search. He sends the astromech droid to the bridge to see what he can do. Ezra questions whether it is a good idea to split up and Zeb responds that he is in charge of the salvage mission. Zeb along with Ezra, Hondo and Azmorigan travel down the corridor. They quickly sense movement and Hondo is attacked by a small creature who turns out to be the former Ugnaught laborer Melch. Melch attacks Hondo and Ezra is forced to restrain him. When the rebels recognize Melch, Hondo is reluctant to talk about his Ugnaught crew but Zeb insists.

With little choice, Hondo tells the Spectres that Azmorigan came to him with the flight plans of an Imperial cargo ship. Zeb and the other rebels learn that Hondo and Azmorigan attacked the cargo ship with ion mines but that it drifted into the maelstrom. Hondo then claims that his Ugnaught crew bravely boarded the ship. Melch angrily responds in Ugnaught that he abandoned them and left them to die. Hondo tries to deny doing so and claims that he loves his crew as a his "short, fragrant family." As compensation, Hondo offers Melch 2% of the treasure which the Ugnaught happily accepts.

Zeb then realizes that Hondo only contacted them after he lost his entire crew, meaning that he lied. Ezra tries to defend his "business partner" by pointing out that Hondo only omitted certain facts. Zeb is visibly angry with Hondo and vows to pull out the pirate's arms. He then tells Hondo to lead him to the cargo hold. Hondo reassures Ezra that Zeb was joking.

Finding the treasure[]

Wynkahthu cargo extraction

Ezra and his partners loading cargo aboard the Ghost

Meanwhile, Hera, Kanan, and AP-5 are aboard the Ghost's bridge when Sabine reports that the winds are getting stronger. Hera then asks Zeb for a status report and he tells them that they are outside the hangar door now. Zeb finds that the hangar door is not budging and tells Chopper to restore the power. Chopper complies with Zeb's orders and restarts the ship's power plant. However, Ezra ignites his green lightsaber and slices through the door. Zeb orders him to stop but Ezra cuts a hole through the door.

Azmorigan and Hondo are excited to see the treasure while Ezra is delighted to find the proton bombs. He tells Zeb that Hondo can be trusted but Zeb prefers to wait till everyone has safely returned to the Ghost. Ezra insists that nothing can go wrong and the rebels begin loading the bombs while Hondo and Azmorigan squabble over the treasure. Zeb warns them to shut up and Azmorigan says he won't be arguing with the Lasat. Zeb then contacts Chopper and tells him that he can open the cargo door. Zeb warns everyone that it will get windy. In the background, a DT-series sentry droid begins to reactivate.

The Ghost faces the rear cargo door of the Imperial cargo ship. Zeb fires the connecting cables which attach to the Ghost. Zeb and Ezra load the first batch of proton bombs which Sabine stores aboard the Ghost. Zeb orders Ezra to help him load another set of bombs. However, he finds the youth helping Hondo to load a chest. Zeb reminds Ezra to get back to work. Hondo tries to argue but Zeb reminds him that the rebels get to load their cargo first. Ezra protests they are a team and notices that Azmorigan has disappeared.

Zeb insists that this is not their problem and tells Sabine that another shipment is coming. Ezra tries to contact Azmorigan but Zeb is preoccupied. Hondo, who is helping Melch carry a chest, tells them that Azmorigan will be fine. After a while, Zeb starts to get worried about Azmorigan. Ezra insists on finding him but Zeb orders him to man the winch and to continue loading the cargo. He reminds Ezra that the bombs go first, prompting Ezra to tell Zeb to hurry up. Zeb travels down the hallway searching for Azmorigan only to be stunned by an Imperial sentry droid.

Dangerous stakes[]

Imperial sentry droids attack

Imperial sentry droids attacking the rebels and pirates

Back on the Ghost, Sabine has received the fourth batch of proton bombs and tells Ezra to keep sending more. Meanwhile, Chopper is manning the bridge when the ship's controls short-circuit due to a lightning strike; causing the cargo ship to list towards the vortex. Chopper contacts Ezra, who tells him to get to the cargo hold. Ezra informs Hera, who tells them to evacuate. Ezra explains that they have a little problem because Azmorigan has disappeared and Zeb has gone to find him. In the background, Hondo and Melch are trying to carry a cargo box.

Ezra tells Hondo that he needs his help but the Weequay pirate responds that he is too busy to help. When Ezra asks Hondo whether Azmorigan was his friend, Hondo says that he is merely a partner and business acquaintance. Ezra realizes that Hondo cares more about the treasure and voices his disagreement before entering the corridor to find Zeb and Azmorigan. Zeb wakes to find himself in a cell opposite Azmorigan, who tells him they are in the brig. Zeb uses his comlink to tell Ezra that he and Azmorigan are in the brig and that he was knocked out by a droid.

AP-5 apologizes for overlooking the presence of Imperial sentry droids. He suspects that the droids were reactivated when the power was restored to the ship. he advises them not to engage the droids because the consequences will be problematic. Hera orders her crew and the gangsters to return to the Ghost because the ship can't take any more pummeling from the winds. Ezra promises to rescue Zeb and Azmorigan. He encounters Chopper and tells the droid they have to get to the brig. Chopper leads the way and the two find Zeb and Azmorigan inside.

Ezra taunts Zeb that this would cost him his leadership role in future missions. Zeb ignores Ezra's taunt and tells him they have to get off the ship and to avoid the sentry droid. While making their way back to the cargo bay, they sense an approaching sentry droid. Zeb tells them to hide in the corridors but a panicking Azmorigan charges at the droid and shoots it down with Ezra's blaster. When Zeb angrily chastises Azmorigan, the gangster exclaims that he is a hero. When Hera contacts Ezra, he tells her that Azmorigan took out the sentry droid.

Escaping the cargo ship[]

Ezra and Zeb flee cargo ship

Ezra and Zeb fleeing the cargo ship

AP-5 then warns them that Azmorigan's actions have reactivated the other hibernating sentry droids. The rebels and gangsters soon find themselves pursued by four sentry droids while Hera orders them to evacuate immediately. They flee into the cargo bay with the sentry droids in pursuit. Zeb orders Ezra to shut the door but he can't find the controls. Ezra tells Hondo and Melch to leave now but Hondo insists on taking their treasure with them despite Ezra's protests. The rebels exchange fire with the sentry droids and shoot one down. Zeb tells them to follow him.

Hondo and Azmorigan load their treasures onto the cables and race to the Ghost. Ezra asks Hondo where Melch is and the pirate claims that the Ugnaught fell into the vortex. Chopper activates his rocket boosters and flies back to the Ghost (claiming "Every man for themselves") despite Ezra and Zeb's protests. Ezra then launches Zeb onto the cable. Zeb clings on to a batch of proton bombs. Ezra then leaps onto the cargo using the Force and the two race across. However, the sentry droids shoot the cable gun, causing Zeb and Ezra to fall into the skies of Wynkahthu. Sabine screams "No" in horror.

However, the two rebels manage to cling on and climb back aboard the Ghost with the help of Kanan. Behind them, the cargo ship is torn apart by the vortex and the sentry droids are destroyed in a fiery blast. Later, aboard the Ghost's cargo hold, the rebels thanks each other for their successful recovery mission. Hera and Ezra thank Zeb for his leadership. Hondo and Azmorigan proceed to argue about their treasures. When they open their chest, they are shocked to find a living Melch inside. Ezra jokes that Melch didn't trust Hondo to take care of him while Hera mockingly apologizes to Hondo "that things did not work out."

Hondo saves face by claiming that friendship is the greatest treasure and hugs Melch. Ezra asks him whether he really means it while Melch punches Hondo in the chest. Hera tells Hondo and his associates to continue their conversation on their own ship. Zeb feels bad about Melch but Ezra tells him not to worry.



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