The Young was a group of children and adolescents from the planet of Melida/Daan that were against the civil war on their planet.


However, this underground youth organization used violence against both sides in an attempt to achieve their goals, which included the end of all civil war activities in addition to the destruction of the "Halls of Evidence", which were, in short, war shrines. Many members of the Young were orphans; their parents had been killed in battle, and their grandparents were members of either the Melida army or Daan army. Many of the Young's bases were located in the sewers of Melida/Daan's capital of Zehava.

The Young was led by Cerasi and Nield, although there were many minor "country" factions outside of the urban regions of Melida/Daan.

Several years prior to the Trade Federation Invasion of Naboo, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn were sent to Melida/Daan to rescue the Jedi Knight Tahl. However, their discovery and involvement with the Young led to Obi-Wan staying behind to help the planet unite once again. When the Young members achieved their goals, they grew power-hungry, thus leading to internal conflict. It took the death of Cerasi, one of the leaders of the Young, to unite the faction once again. Peace was achieved on Melida/Daan. At this time, Obi-Wan realized that his future was with the Jedi and not with the Young.



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