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"We are spread thin, and the rest of our teams are already out in the field. But we have just learned where the Neimoidians are holding a recently captured group of pilots and security officers. Unfortunately, they won't be there long. As soon as another prison camp is ready, the invaders will transfer them to it, and this opportunity will be lost."
Lucos Dannt[src]

In 32 BBY, the Galactic Senate, the governing body of the Galactic Republic, passed legislation calling for the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems. A trade dispute soon developed between the megacorperation, the Trade Federation and the Republic, resulting in the blockade of Naboo, and the Invasion of Naboo shortly thereafter.[1] While Theed, the capital city of Naboo was occupied, several students from Naboo's Royal House of Learning scouted the city, and discovered a datacard that contained the a list of Naboo prisoners and the camps they were being held in.[2]

The native resistance movement, the Naboo Underground, analyzed the data and discovered that a group of recently captured Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps pilots and Royal Naboo Security Forces Security Guards was being held in lightly guarded building near Theed's central Palace Plaza. Even more advantageous, the prisoners confiscated weapons were being stored at the facility. The prisoners were scheduled to soon be relocated to a more heavily guarded facility. Naboo Underground leader, Lucos Dannt, determined that the opportunity to free the high-value prisoners and bolster the ranks of the resistance could not be missed. Since all of the other, more experienced Underground teams were already in the field, Dannt assigned the task of jailbreaking the facility to the group of students that had discovered the information.

The unit infiltrated the Theed and reached the target building, where they quickly dispatched the pair of Neimoidians guarding the building. The group broke into both the prison building and the neighboring armory, issuing confiscated weaponry to the seven prisoners. As the students attempted to escort the prisoners to safety, the group was ambushed by a small force of Trade Federation OOM security battle droids. The Underground team routed the reinforcements, and lead the prisoners to safety. Many of the prisoners joined the Underground, strengthening the resistance movement.

Behind the scenesEdit

This article is based on Adventure 2: Recovery, a pre-packaged adventure included in the Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game, designed for streamlined play. The game set includes eight playable playable characters, although the adventures are designed for four.

The actual adventure can play out in a number of ways. The players can use force to defeat the Neimoidian guards, use the Force to Mind trick the guards into leaving, or simply sneak past the guards and to try and find another entrance. The players can also choose to break into the armory before the prison, or choose to ignore the armory entirely. The players can achieve entry into the buildings by trying to disable the door locks, attempting to break down the doors, or using a lightsaber to cut their own entrance. The encounter is written so that, upon exiting the prison building, a pair of droid reinforcements arrive to attack the players. However, if the players did not quickly defeat the Neimoidian guards, additional battle droids will arrive, representing the Neimoidians calling for backup.


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