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The Theed Royal Palace,[5] also known as Jewel of Naboo,[1] was the royalty's seat of power on the planet of Naboo.[5] As its name suggests, it was located in Theed,[2] the capital city of Naboo's human inhabitants.[6] The palace's design was elegant and flowing, blending quite finely with the surrounding environment, and it connected to the Theed Hangar via a number of passages.[2]


During the Great Time of Peace in 832 BBY, the Theed Royal Palace was constructed by the people of Theed alongside the Solleu River on the Cliffs of Theed under the direction of King Jafan, who recently unified the Naboo and ended the Time of Suffering.[1]

During the Trade Federation's occupation of the planet, the palace was seized and used as their base of operations, with Viceroy Nute Gunray and his senior staff holding it as their residence until forces led by Queen Padmé Amidala assaulted it and captured Gunray.[2] After the invasion, an ion pulse was installed in the palace[7] as a precaution against further invasions. The system, powered by relays located throughout the city, disabled any electronic devices, including vehicles and weapons within its reach with the exception of those inside the palace.[8]

After Padmé's term as queen ended, the palace became the residence of her successor queen, Jamillia, though she would return there to speak with Jamillia and the Advisory Council regarding the Separatist Crisis and the looming threat of war.[9] When war did come, Queen Jamillia had been replaced by the noticeably younger Queen Neeyutnee who ruled during the Clone Wars.[10] At Neeyutnee's request, Padmé returned once more when the presence of battle droids was discovered on Naboo and later for the Festival of Light, an event which celebrated Naboo joining the Galactic Republic.[11][12] The festival took place in the palace courtyard under a ray shield and was the scene of an attempt to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. Another attempt was made by Count Dooku in the palace dining room, but he retreated in failure after a duel with Anakin Skywalker.[12]

Upon the formation of the Galactic Empire, the queen at the time was Apailana,[13] who was soon replaced in short order by Queen Dalné.[14] However, the position of Monarch of Naboo was rendered an almost entirely ceremonial role, with the true power lying in the hands of Moff Quarsh Panaka. However, Panaka spent most of his time in his chalet on Onoam, leaving Dalné in the palace.[14]

After the Battle of Endor which marked the fall of the Empire, celebrations took place in the plaza in front of the palace. By this point,[15] Naboo was ruled by Queen Sosha Soruna.[16]

During the Battle of Theed against the Empire on Naboo, which was targeted by Emperor Palpatine, who hailed from Naboo, as part of Operation: Cinder, Rebel forces managed to activate the ion pulse and hold the palace. With the Imperials' weapons disabled and those of the rebels still functioning, and the day was won by the Alliance.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

The Royal Palace of Caserta in Italy served as the interior of the Theed Royal Palace during the production of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. George Lucas wanted Naboo's architecture to resemble that of the Italian Renaissance. All of the furniture pieces in Amidala's throne room were made for the film.[17]


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