Theed University was the primary source of high academics in the city of Theed on the planet Naboo.


The University of Theed was constructed around the time of the city's founding circa 832 BBY. Located near the Royal Palace, the university served the citizens of Theed for centuries, producing well-educated individuals to work as politicians, legislators, lawyers and with a specialization in political science, civics, and law. In addition, the university was responsible for educating many a reputable artist, activist, engineer, and scientist.[1]

The future Galactic Emperor and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, known then as Palpatine, attended the university. Palpatine would have been expelled from the institution following a string of brushes with the law, were it not for his father's intervention. It was at the campus of Theed University, in the small square outside the library of the Legislative Youth Program headquarters building, that Palpatine met his Sith mentor, Darth Plagueis, c. 65 BBY.[2] Around the year 32 BBY, the president of the Refugee Relief Movement, Ruwee Naberrie, would serve as a frequent guest lecturer, teaching microeconomics course periodically.[2] Lufta Shif, the Naboo Royal Advisory Council's Education Regent under Queen Amidala's rule, was also one of the university's teachers.[3]



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