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"Miss Theelin Live; A purple people party production; Coming to a galaxy near you this winter"
―A poster for the "Miss Theelin" beauty pageant[src]

The Theelin were a rare sentient species recognizable by their brightly colored hair and spotted skin.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Male Theelin SWR

A male Theelin technician

A rare sentient species, Theelin had three horns on either side of their face,[5] hooved feet,[6] brightly colored hair,[5] and spotted,[4] mottled skin. They were able to interbreed with humans to create a hybrid.[5]

Society and cultureEdit

Theelin often had artistic personalities, and many chose to become artists or performers,[5] while a "Miss Theelin" beauty pageant[14] was available for entry by female members of the species.[15]

Theelin in the galaxyEdit

The bounty hunter Latts Razzi was a female Theelin,[9] as was Iron Squadron member Gooti Terez.[11] Rystáll Sant, a veteran singer and dancer who performed at numerous venues across the galaxy and with the Max Rebo Band in the group's more elaborate gigs, was a human/Theelin hybrid.[6] Chass na Chadic was a member of the burgeoning New Republic's Alphabet Squadron, which was tasked with hunting down the Imperial starfighter unit known as Shadow Wing shortly after the Battle of Endor.[9]



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