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"We've had five reports of the Nihil attacking over the past three hours. One on Hon-Tallos, one on Thelj, and another at an outpost near Tiikae."
Estala Maru, to Vernestra Rwoh[2]

Thelj was a planet located four sectors away from the planet Dalna and was home to a population of varied settlers.


The planet Thelj was found four sectors away from the planet Dalna. The world featured a frigid surface, with frozen bodies of emerald green water ice and artificial temperate zones dotting the planet thanks to the work of the original settlers, who worked with Republic scientists to create vents of heated air to allow life to survive on the surface. Theljan whales were found in the waters beneath the icy surface of the planet.[1]


Around three hundred years before[1] 382 BBY,[3] Thelj was settled as a potential colony of the Galactic Republic. Shortly after settlement, the planet's sun suddenly went dark and collapsed. The planet began to freeze and many of its settlers died. Scientists from the Republic were able to find a solution and provide shelter to those who remained, tapping into the planet's core to produce vents of heated air that produced pockets of temperate terrain for survival. These pockets became the site of the planet's structures and population centers, such as the world's sole city, Bhatiqu and the Graf compound.[1]

Around the year 382 BBY, Children of the Path members Yana Ro, Kor Plouth, and Treze traveled to Thelj on Sunshine Dobbs's ship, the Scupper, with plans to breach the security of the Graf family's compound on the planet in order to acquire the Jedi Tears, an artifact connected to the Force. The mission failed, ending in the deaths of Kor and Treze, as well as three Graf family employees.[1]

Over a century later in 230 BBY,[4] the planet was the site of an attack by the Nihil pirate organization.[2]


Thelj was home to a mixed population of at least two different species, humans and Duros.[1]



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