This article is about Themion Hejaran, a member of House Mecetti. You may be looking for Themion, a member of the Peace Brigade during the Yuuzhan Vong War..

Themion Hejaran was a member of the Hejaran family of House Mecetti (Tapani sector). He was the younger brother of Baron Lucian Hejaran, cousin of Lady Brigta Hejaran and nephew of Galemus Hejaran.


Themion Duel

Themion duels new Baron with Brigta controlling her cousin in the background.

Themion was an enthusiastic hunter, and was said to have a predatory look about him. He had long brown hair with short brown facial hair and a cybernetic left eye. During his life, he had immersed himself in family conflicts and court intrigue. When the stakes were high he was not beyond forsaking his honor in his attempts to obtain what he believed was his.

When his brother died, Themion considered himself directly in line to receive the title and wealth. He was furious when he only received fifteen percent of the family's wealth. The title and majority of the estate were bestowed to an unknown person whom the family had never met until they were invited to Hejaran Castle for the reading of the will.

Lady Brigta Hejaran received nothing from Lucian's will. A later version of the will, that was not read to the family, exiled her from the family because Lucian had discovered that she worked for the Emperor's New Order.

After the death of Pershon at the hand of Lady Brigta, Themion was manipulated by his cousin into challenging the new Baron to a duel. When Brigta's influence on Themion was broken, and he realized that he had been manipulated, he apologized to the stranger.


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