"Oh, yeah? Even against my thermite micro-missiles?"
"Maybe not!"
―Han Solo and Kuru[src]

Thermite micro-missiles were a type of missile made with thermite. The swoop racer Kuru fired six of the micro-missiles from his vehicle at his opponent Han Solo during a race on the planet Rion shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Solo was saved from the missiles by his companion Luke Skywalker, who piloted another swoop into the missile's path.


―The sound made by the missiles[src]

Thermite micro-missiles were a type of small, gray missile with red fins and made with thermite. They made a "skreee" sound while in flight and left a trail of brown smoke behind them.[1]


"Hey, Han."
"Luke? What're you doing?"
"What do you think? Swooping in to save your skin."
―Luke Skywalker saves Han Solo from the thermite micro-missiles[src]

Luke Skywalker saved Han Solo from Kuru's thermite micro-missiles.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin that marked the beginning of 0 ABY,[2] the swoop racer Kuru used a swoop equipped with at least six thermite micro-missiles, which could each be launched from a separate small arm at the rear of his vehicle with three on each side.[1]

During a swoop race on the planet Rion, Kuru launched six missiles at his opponent Han Solo's vehicle, hoping to send Solo to a medical center as Kuru and his allies attempted to claim an Imperial bounty on the racer. As he tried to turn his vehicle to avoid the missiles, Solo was saved by his companion Luke Skywalker, who piloted a swoop into the path of the missiles and leapt toward Solo's vehicle. The missiles destroyed the swoop Skywalker had been using, but Solo and his vehicle were unharmed and went on to win the race.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Thermite micro-missiles appeared in the comic "Swoop Racers," which was published in the twenty-first issue of the Star Wars Adventures series[1] on May 8, 2019.[3] The comic was written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Derek Charm.[1]


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