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"And of course, Therm Scissorpunch. No one's sure if he's ever actually done any of the terrible things he's always bragging about, but his name is Therm Scissorpunch, so who cares, right?"
―Savina Besatrix Malagán[7]

Thermoculus Krisintvolt Scissorpunch, also known simply as Therm Scissorpunch was a male Nephran from the planet Nepotis who lived in the galaxy for more than three centuries. A gambler and pirate, he became a close associate of the pirate queen Maz Kanata in the High Republic Era and defended her stake of the planet Takodana against the rival Dank Graks in a criminal turf war. Scissorpunch lived through the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. His card-playing habits saw him frequent the tables of the planet Vandor, where he would play against the likes of scoundrels Lando Calrissian and Han Solo. A particularly sore loser, he relied on his fearsome appearance to intimidate his opponents. The boastful Nephran had taken steps to enhance his fighting prowess with a sharpened shank implanted in his claw, living up to the moniker that may or may not have been his true name.


High Republic Era[]

Thermoculus Krisintvolt Scissorpunch[8] was born on the Nephran homeworld of Nepotis.[1] As an adult, many stories followed him, telling of terrible acts he had committed throughout the galaxy. Although the veracity of these tales was dubious, Scissorpunch entertained them nonetheless. During the High Republic Era, he frequented the castle of pirate queen Maz Kanata, an establishment on the planet Takodana where all manner of criminals and pirates were welcome. During one evening at Kanata's[7] around 382 BBY,[2] Scissorpunch was playing a game of cards when a brawl broke out between former lovers Alak and Raf Thatchburn, the latter a member of the Galactic Antipiracy Command. Scissorpunch and fellow pirate Coromont Vizzle leapt to Alak's side, but the fight was soon broken up by Kanata, who ejected Thatchburn from the castle. That same night, prospector Dexter Jettster and undercover-Jedi Padawan Sav Malagán informed Kanata's crew that the rival Dank Graks were preparing for an all-out turf war for Takodana.[7]

Scissorpunch travled with the crew on Kanata's starship, the Venomed Scabbard, to investigate the Graks' seemingly-abandoned ship above the planet and discover more about their plans. On the Grim Devourer, the Nephran searched the lower levels with the cyborg Quiet Shan until being interrupted by blasts from the Scabbard, commandeered by the Graks and their leader, the Geonosian Arkik Von. Since the Tund technology that powered the Devourer was operable only by those sensitive to the Force, Scissorpunch and the rest of the crew relied on Kanata's piloting until the firefight was interrupted by Inspector Thatchburn. The pirate queen escaped via hyperspace and instructed her crew to rest before their next step: seeking out Von's frequent haunts for more information.[9]

Age of the Empire[]

During the time of the Imperial Era, Scissorpunch considered himself an "independent entreprenuer," though he still enjoyed a good card game and became a regular at Fort Ypso on the planet Vandor.[1] In 10 BBY,[3] he played a game of sabacc at the seedy establishment against a host of beings that included the famed smuggler Lando Calrissian.[5] That particular game saw Scissorpunch lose to Calrissian, a situation so upsetting that the Nephran briefly considered snapping the man's neck, though he ultimately decided against this.[1] Scissopunch continued to play at the table as newcomer Han Solo joined, an up-and-coming smuggler who also lost to Calrissian.[5]

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Scissorpunch came into contact with the mercenary Saponza and his partner and entreated them to acquire coaxium for his boss.[10] An artist who traveled the galaxy cataloging various species and individuals included a short entry on the Nephran in his journal, where he noted that "Threm Scissorpunch" was likely a name the gambler had given himself.[6]

Personality and traits[]

Therm Scissorpunch was a braggart who consistently spoke of the many fearsome acts he had undertaken.[7] His imposing features paired well with this behavior; he relied on intimidation as a mechanism against critique.[6] Scissorpunch's temper was short, increasingly aggrevated in the event that he lost money while gambling. This sore-loser mentality gave way to passing thoughts of violence against his opponents, in some cases even considering murder. Whatever feelings boiled inside his shell, however, Scissorpunch hid his emotions behind his thick exoskeleton.[1] And despite his pugnacious attitude, he remained loyal to those he trusted, leaping to their side should they need help.[7]

Skills and abilities[]

Contrary to his boasts, Scissorpunch was a mostly mediocre gambler. He relied more on his intimidating phyique than his skill with cards to win games.[11]


Scissorpunch's claw was equipped with a shank implanted into his shell that augmented his combat performance.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Therm Scissorpunch[12] was first revealed in a Denny's commercial for the Star Wars Anthology Series film Solo: A Star Wars Story, released on April 2, 2018.[13] Scissorpunch was later identified by name in a Denny's-exclusive Topps trading card for Solo.[12]



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