The thernbee was a large, white-haired, semi-sentient creature with psychic powers. Thernbees communicated in psychic visions. They lived in the mountains of Almania.

Its hair fell out constantly leaving their coats patchy, and exposing pink skin.

They were a playful species, sometimes toying sadistically with its prey before ultimately killing it. Its saliva was also an anesthetic that numbed its victim's senses. They were omnivorous and ate small animals, plants, and fruits.

Kueller owned a few of these creatures, and one ate a ysalamir as it was emitting a Force bubble.

Kueller also put Luke Skywalker in a cage with a thernbee. The thernbee actually helped Luke with the injuries he had suffered when his X-Wing exploded using the anesthetic it naturally produced in its saliva. The thernbee communicated with Luke using its psychic powers devising a way to escape. They did so, but not before being confronted by stormtrooper guards. The thernbee quickly disposed of the guards and he and Luke separated.

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