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He is voiced by [[Troy Baker]].
He is voiced by [[Troy Baker]].
In War for Iokath, Theron will advise the player to side the Republic and is a safer bet than the Sith Empire.
In Crisis on Umbara, Depending on how the player takes the Eternal Throne at the end of Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, Theron will say that the Alliance outgrew the Outlander (if light side option) or the Outlander is now a tyrant (if dark side option).
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In Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, before the player departs for Zakuul, Theron will tell the player that he loves them, in which the player can respond by inspiring him, or kissing him, stating that they love him too.
In Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, before the player departs for Zakuul, Theron will tell the player that he loves them, in which the player can respond by inspiring him, or kissing him, stating that they love him too.
In War for Iokath, Theron will advise the player to side the Republic and is a safer bet than the Sith Empire.
In Crisis on Umbara, Depending on how the player takes the Eternal Throne at the end of Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, Theron will say that the Alliance outgrew the Outlander (if light side option) or the Outlander is now a tyrant (if dark side option).

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"Jedi Grand Master mom, Supreme Commander dad. Now we get why Theron’s so messed up."

Theron Shan was a Human male who worked as a spy for the Galactic Republic's premier intelligence agency, the Republic Strategic Information Service, during the Cold War and the Galactic War against the Sith Empire. The secret son of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan and Supreme Commander Jace Malcom of the Republic Military, Theron was born around the year 3666 BBY after his parents fought together in the Battle of Alderaan during the Great Galactic War. However, Shan's mother gave up her child to be raised by her former teacher, the Jedi Master Ngani Zho, and young Theron was trained as a Jedi throughout his childhood. When Zho realized that Shan possessed none of his mother's strength in the Force, the youth was forced to leave the Jedi Order. Shan eventually began working for the Strategic Information Service, and he had become one of SIS Director Marcus Trant's top field agents by the later years of the Cold War. The Sith Empire knew Shan as the Republic asset Technoplague, a name given to him by the Sith Lord Darth Acina after Shan ended the lives of two of her predecessors on the Dark Council, Darth Mekhis and Darth Karrid.


Early life

"You are going to raise him. You should choose his name."
"You're his mother. His name should come from you."
"Theron. His name is Theron."
―Satele Shan and Ngani Zho[src]
Baby Theron

Theron Shan as a baby.

Theron Shan was born to two heroes of the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War with the Sith Empire: Jedi Knight Satele Shan,[3] descendant of the famous Jedi Bastila Shan and Revan, and Captain Jace Malcom,[2] the commander of the Republic Special Forces unit Havoc Squad. Both Shan and Malcom participated in the Battle of Alderaan in 3667 BBY, with Shan saving the Republic trooper from execution and teaming up with him to defeat the Sith Lord Darth Malgus.[6] The two had already met previously at the beginning of the war in 3681 BBY, when they were two of the few survivors of the Battle of Korriban,[7] and after the battle Shan and Malcom confessed their feelings to each other and conceived a child.[2] Shan would participate in the Battle of Rhen Var not long afterwards,[3] but as her pregnancy continued she was forced to seek help from her former teacher, Jedi Master Ngani Zho.[2]

Zho informed the Jedi High Council and the leaders of the Republic Military that he sent Shan on a vital mission, while in reality she remained hidden on a remote world so that she could give birth to her child in peace. Fighting her maternal instincts, Shan decided to leave the baby in Zho's care so that she continue serving as a Jedi, and named the infant boy Theron.[2] Zho raised the child from birth as a Jedi initiate,[3] though he eventually realized that despite his efforts the boy was not Force-sensitive. After Shan failed to complete a meditation exercise while the two were on the temple world of Haashimut, Zho informed Shan that his apprenticeship with the Jedi Master was at an end. Shan was ordered to travel to the nearby Jedi enclave, where he would be welcomed as a Jedi Padawan—but Shan barely completed the journey, collapsing at the enclave's gates. He was nursed back to health by the Jedi there, but the Kel Dor Master Till'in was forced to inform Shan after he was well-rested that the boy could not remain a member of the Order.[4]

As he could not progress within the Order, Shan began working for the Republic Strategic Information Service on Coruscant; during his career, his superior assigned him to discover any slaving rings selling to the Sith Empire. He interrupted a meeting involving Black Sun and captured a female Twi'lek named Teff'ith.

Mystery in the Vesla system

Reunion with Master Zho

Sometime later, Shan was called upon to find Master Ngani Zho, the Jedi who trained his mother, having turned up near Imperial space and ideal for the Republic to get an insight into the Empire. Shan accepted the mission, dragging Teff'ith along with him.[3]

Shan and Zho

Theron Shan and Ngani Zho fleeing Darth Mekhis' Sith Knights.

Shan found Ngani Zho on Taris, where the old Master told the young spy of his lonely fight with the Dark Councilor and Sith scientist Darth Mekhis and after the two came under assault of the Darth Mekhis' Sith Knights, they managed to escape only with the help of Teff'ith.

As soon as they were safe in space, Shan demanded to know why Zho's lightsaber failed to ignite, having witnessed it on the surveillance. Zho defended that he wanted to see his student's skills, before demanding that they head for the Vesla system, where he claims is where Mekhis is constructing weapons. When the Jedi tried reaching for the ship controls, Shan stunned him. Teff'ith comments that with Jedi like Zho, the Republic would be in trouble if it comes to war.[4]

Once Zho regained consciousness and maintained a more calm demeanor, Shan contacted the Director and told him his plan to perform reconnaissance in Vesla. But first, Shan stopped at Port Nowhere to steal astrogation charts on Vesla. As soon as they arrive at Vesla and start setting up surveillance equipment, in the middle of the night, they were attacked by the local predators. In the morning, Shan surveyed Vesla Two, finding that its geography had been altered beyond recognition, and Vesla Three was practically torn apart. Shan then noticed a giant machine built around Vesla's sun. Shan realized that they must report to the SIS to figure out what to do, but Zho insisted that they stop Mekhis, stating that Jedi take action; Shan retorted that he was no Jedi. Unfortunately, they were caught by an Imperial patrol and detained.[8]

Darth Mekhis' superweapons

"Darth Mekhis! Take a close look before you kill me. My name is Theron Shan."
―Theron to Darth Mekhis[src]

After Shan was identified as SIS the Imperials decided to grant him the privilege of witnessing Mekhis' work. As the Imperials explained, they had constructed a Sun Razer to leech matter and energy from a star to construct superweapons in half the time required to ordinarily need to construct them.

The Imperials then offered Shan the chance to defect from the Republic, promising that his talents would be acknowledged by both Imperial Intelligence and Sith alike. Shan refused their offer, resulting in a rifle-butt to the back of the head. Shan was then moved to the same interrogation room Zho was. As Zho began begging Shan for forgiveness the SIS agent admitted that he had rebooted his cybernetics and gained access to prison security which would enable them to escape and rendezvous with Teff'ith, who was in hiding on their ship. While traveling in the facilities vents to reach their ship, Shan realized that they couldn't afford to allow Mekhis' Sun Razer to be completed and thus that they could not pass up the opportunity to destroy it.[1]


Theron Shan shoots Darth Mekhis.

As they discuss a strategy to sabotage the Sun Razer before escaping, Zho passed Shan a lightsaber, claiming it to be his inheritance. The latter tried refusing as he was not a Jedi. Nonetheless, Zho pressed the weapon into his hands.

While Zho and Teff'ith provided a distraction that would prove fatal to the Jedi, Shan confronted Mekhis but was subdued by the Sith Knights. With a blaster pointed at his head, Shan confesses his identity to Mekhis. Incensed, the Dark Lord walked up to him, declaring that he was no Jedi. Shan was then able to take her by surprise and inject her with one of his toxins before evading his captors. He then deactivated the Sun Razer's heat shields and escaped before the station was consumed. Teff'ith put a blaster to Shan's head but then agreed to part ways since Zho, who died saving her, liked him.

Meeting a Grand Master

"You said your name was-"
"I see. Is there... anything else you want to tell me?"
"Not anymore. It's been an honor, Grand Master Satele Shan."
―Satele Shan and Theron[src]

Back on Coruscant Shan met with the Director, who confirmed that Mekhis was still missing but that her superweapons were still out there. The Director feared that this would start another war, though Shan stated that they could not just stand by and watch. He then passed the Director information on the Gauntlet superweapon before heading to Tython to inform his mother of her Master's passing, without revealing his identity to her.[9]

The Ascendant Spear

In 3640 BBY Theron Shan went to Nar Shaddaa to talk with Morbo the Hutt, who decided to have Teff'ith and her crew killed for violating his terms of spice smuggling in his territory. Before talking with Morbo, Theron interrupted a 3 month long SIS operation to free several Republic Military prisoners of war sold by Morbo. Though Theron freed the soldiers, the SIS operation failed. Unable to convince Morbo to back off, Theron raced to the spaceport and arrived in time to help Teff'ith kill the thugs sent by Morbo. On Coruscant Theron was escorted to SIS headquarters and chewed out by Trant for disobeying orders and causing the mission to fail. Trant reassigned Theron to the Analytics Department as a punishment and asked Theron to assist in planning Operation End Game, a new mission to destroy the Ascendant Spear, a dangerous prototype Imperial battle cruiser under the command of Darth Karrid, a Falleen Sith Lord.[2]

Theron Shan

Theron during the Galactic War

Theron was chosen by Supreme Commander Malcom to lead the operation, with Jedi Master Gnost-Dural joining the group. After the meeting, Malcom invited Theron to his apartment. During the conversation, Malcom revealed he was in a relationship with Satele Shan and that Theron's birth date confirmed to Malcom that he was Theron's father. The two agreed to talk more later and parted on good terms. Theron and Master Gnost-Dural left for Ziost, where they were able to secure a black cipher from Minister Davidge's office. After the mission Theron went to see his mother and confronted her about not revealing his father's identity.[2]

Theron and Master Gnost-Dural left for Desevro's Jigani Port where Gorvich gave Theron a disguise to enter Reaver Station, an Imperial post where Theron intended to infiltrate the Ascendant Spear. However, he learned that the Empire attacked Ruan causing massive devastation and contacted Malcom and Trant who acknowledged they knew the attack was coming and the next attack will be to Duro. They planned on allowing the attack to go ahead since Ascendant Spear will not be there. Angered, Theron hatched a plan with Gnost-Dural to have the Ascendant Spear take part in the attack forcing Malcom and Trant to send a fleet. Gnost-Dural, aiming to force Karrid to take part in the attack, infiltrated the Ascendant Spear and intentionally let himself be defeated and taken alive. Theron meanwhile set off a simulated Republic attack. The confusion allowed Theron to also get on to the Ascendant Spear where he began scouting the ship and hacking into the systems.[2]

Karrid decided to head for Duro, while Satele and Teff'ith convinced Malcom to send a fleet to Duro to intercept the Ascendant Spear. The Ascendant Spear faced off against the Republic fleet just as Theron had started to slice the Ascendant Spear's systems, forcing targeting systems, shields, and sensors to go awry or completely offline. Theron then freed Gnost-Dural and they both made their way to Karrid's command pod. Karrid's three apprentices attacked Gnost-Dural as Theron sliced in to convince the ship it was damaged causing Karrid to leave her command pod. The Republic fleet began to tear the Ascendant Spear apart and Moff Gelmid Lorman gave the order to abandon ship. Karrid made a run for the command pod, but Theron threw his ruined blaster inside, which exploded, killing Karrid. The two were able to get into Karrid's personal escape pod, moments before the Ascendant Spear was vaporized by a hyper matter explosion. For their actions Gnost-Dural, Teff'ith, and Theron were awarded the Cross of Glory.[2]

The Revanite Conspiracy

Theron Shan helped plan the Korriban Incursion around 3638 BBY in order to retrieve strategic data to turn the tide of the war. After the Assault on Tython, which coincided with their assault on Korriban, Theron became suspicious of a conspiracy involving Colonel Rian Darok and Darth Arkous. Theron spied on Darok and updated a Republic ally on his suspicious behavior, noting that he didn't turn over the intelligence to the SIS.[10]

Theron later come into contact with Lana Beniko, Arkous' adviser, who too suspected that her superior was up to no good. They determined that the attacks were smash-and-grabs meant to recover Rakata technology. They dispatched a strike team to Manaan, where they besieged an underwater base where Arkous and Darok were creating invincible cyborg supersoldiers. However, the two conspirators managed to escape with their research and scuttled the base, leaving the team to die. Theron managed to help the strike team escape before the base reached crush depth. Once they rendezvoused with Lana, the Sith revealed that Arkous and Darok were members of the Order of Revan. They were then joined by Jakarro, a Wookiee smuggler, and his droid C2-D4, who were imprisoned by the Revanites after delivering their medical supplies, wanting revenge against the two men for betraying them. Theron agreed to work with them to track down the Revanites.[11]


Theron meets an unusual ally on Manaan

After aiding the pursurers in tracking down Arkous and Darok to Rakata Prime, Theron had hoped for the capture of the two Revanite leaders to learn more of their plans; however, both refused to submit and were killed as a result. It was then that the real Revanite leader was revealed to be none other than Revan himself, Theron's ancient ancestor. Escaping from Rakata Prime, Theron met with Lana, Jakarro, and their ally one last time on Manaan, where he revealed that he was decried as a rogue agent to be apprehended on sight, while the others received death sentences, believing that the Director had managed to grant him the "lesser" punishment. However, in order to avoid being located by the Revanites, he, Lana and Jakarro were forced to go into hiding, leaving their ally to deal with hunting down Revan and his followers.[12]

Eventually, the trio discovered that the Revanites allied themselves with the Nova Blades pirate gang, based out on Rishi, the latter being assigned to target Imperial and Republic patrol routes, effectively rerouting hyperlanes. In order to bring their ally to Rishi without letting the Revanites know that they were onto them, Theron remotely sliced their navicomputers so that Rishi would be their only destination, while Lana made contact with Corellian Run Scoundrels leader, Kai Zykken, and used a mind trick on him to spread rumors that their ally was part of an upstart pirate gang. Once reunited, Theron and Lana sent their ally to attack the Nova Blades' operations and slave camp, threatening their alliance with the Revanites. Knowing they would have to get whatever intel the Nova Blades had on the Revanites before they severed all ties, their ally assaulted the Blades' base in the crashed warship Aggressor, killing Commodore Dael Margok and recovering valuable intel.[13] While Theron got to slicing the Nova Blade's files, Lana sent their ally to meet with a Mandalorian nicknamed Torch, whose clan was formerly allied with the Blades and Revanites, to acquire more information. Torch turned out to be none other than the infamous Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter Shae Vizla.[14]

While their ally was gone, Lana discovered the location of a Revanite safehouse, which she, Theron and Jakarro attempted to infiltrate. Unfortunately, Theron was discovered, and though Jakarro attempted to save him, Lana held him back and allowed Theron to be captured, believing it was the best way to infiltrate the Revanites. Theron was then moved to Sky Ridge Island for interrogation, but he managed to escape at the same time his ally stormed the base in search of him. Finding his ally in holoconference with Revan, Theron revealed his ancestor's plan; with the Imperial and Republic fleets rerouted to Rishi, the signal jammer built by the Nova Blades on the planet would prevent the fleets from coordinating while Revanite sleeper agents on both sides would commit sabotage so the Revanite fleet could wipe them out. With his plan exposed, Revan triggered his base's self-destruct to kill his enemies. Thankfully, Lana managed to slice and abort the sequence, with skill greater than Theron.[13]

Theron then got to work on slicing the Revanites files, which identified the sleeper agents in both Republic and Empire, while his ally performed a ground assault on the signal jammer, enabling them to make contact with the fleet commanders, Theron's mother, Grandmaster Satele Shan, and the Empire's de facto leader, Darth Marr, and expose the double agents within their fleets for detainment. Both sides declared a temporary truce until Revan was dealt with. Theron then revealed that Revan had fled to Yavin 4 to resurrect the Sith Emperor so he could destroy him. After the fleet commanders had left the room, Theron confronted Lana for her betrayal. Though they both agreed to put aside their differences to focus on the Revanites, Theron had lost all trust in Lana.[15]

Yavin Coalition

On Yavin 4, despite having a common foe, the rank-and-file troops were having trouble trusting each other. It was only due to the efforts of Theron's ally that the coalition forces banded together and destroyed the device that would've resurrected the Emperor. Theron later became part of the strike team composed of the coalition's greatest heroes that confronted and defeated Revan. Unfortunately, their conflict had incidentally awakened the Emperor, who departed the moon without taking a physical form.[13]

With the threat of the Emperor let loose on the galaxy and the truce between Republic and Empire over, Theron was reinstated into the SIS with a higher position. He personally handed the Voidhound a card programmed with authorization codes from the director of the SIS that would grant the smuggler immunity from Republic prosecution of any kind, and placed the commanding officer of Havoc Squad as the primary Military Advisor of the joint task force they were creating to hunt down the Emperor.  Theron also witnessed the Hero of Tython attaining the rank of Jedi Battlemaster and being placed in charge of hunting him down, and the Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order being placed in charge of investigating the origins of the Emperor's power and leading the light in the coming darkness.[13]

Crisis on Ziost


Theron with his implants fried on Ziost

Theron later put together a covert team of Jedi called the Sixth Line and dispatched them to Ziost to investigate whether the former Sith Emperor, Vitiate, was there or not, only for them to fall under Vitiate's control. Theron attempted to investigate but he accidentally used the wrong access code, resulting in his shuttle getting shot down over Ziost. Though he survived the crash, Vitiate's puppets began converging on the shuttle, forcing him to overload the ship's engines, frying his implants, but knocking the enthralled puppets out in the process. It was through this that he discovered that by knocking out Vitiate's thralls via electrical charge, it breaks his control over them, albeit temporarily. He managed to find and share this information with his Sith Intelligence mole, Rane Kovach and the hero who assisted against him the Revanites.[16]

After Kovach departed their company, Theron received a priority holocall from Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, who had just found out about the Sixth Line and his unauthorized mission to Ziost. She admonished him for denying the Republic an opportunity to cripple the Empire and face Vitiate head on. Though Theron attempted to insist that Saresh hold back the Republic fleet, he was too late, as the invasion fleet had already arrived and only gave Vitiate more pawns to control.[16]

Theron once again allied with Lana, now Minister of Sith Intelligence, to put a stop to Vitiate's plans. He modified New Adasta's electrostatic weapon designed to counter major civil uprisings, modifying it to be non-lethal, as killing Vitiate's thralls would only strengthen him. The hero also assisted using the public address system, playing on Vitiate's ego to draw all of his thralls to the People's Tower. After being properly shielded, Theron activated the weapon. All but one of Vitiate's puppets, Master Surro, the Sixth Line commander, were stunned. Through Surro, Vitiate cast both Lana and Theron aside but Surro was freed by the hero after a prolonged fight. As Surro was reeling from the atrocities Vitiate forced her to commit, Theron, feeling guilt for failing the Sixth Line, attempted to calm her, promising to take her back to Tython to heal. However, Lana had different ideas, wanting to "study" Surro to find a way to combat Vitiate's control. Theron protested the suggestion, knowing that the process is likely "invasive" and would most likely not produce anything worthwhile. Ultimately, the hero made the decision regarding Surro's fate.[17]

Theron later managed to convince Saresh to make a strategic retreat after Vitiate consumed all life on Ziost. Afterwards, Saresh and Satele put Theron on administrative leave for his unilateral actions.[18]

Joining the Alliance

Following the Ziost event, the Eternal Empire attacked both Empire and Republic and forced both sides into submission. In the subsequent five years that followed, Theron left the SIS after realizing that Saresh, whose term as Supreme Chancellor ended and was controlling her replacement from the shadows, was obsessed with destroying the Sith Empire rather than dealing with the much more immediate threat of the Eternal Empire. Thus, he threw in his lot with Lana again and joined up with the Outlander's Alliance, a resistance movement led by the hero he worked with in the passed, now known as the Outlander and the Commander of the Alliance, working to break the hold of the Eternal Empire over the galaxy. Upon his arrival on Odessen, Theron greeted the Outlander and apologized for not being able to locate Outlander's former crew, although he was able to recover their starship.[19]

Theron, now a member of the Alliance's core leadership, spearheaded operations against the Eternal Empire's Star Fortress battle stations across the galaxy. He also worked to recruit local resistance leaders on many worlds.[19]

Recruiting Firebrand

Theron later recommended recruiting an anti-Zakuul anarchist, going by the alias "Firebrand." Though Koth Vortena was not keen on recruiting a terrorist, Theron and Lana reasoned that Firebrand knew the terrain of the Spire and insisted on meeting with her.[20]

Theron accompanied the Outlander to meet Firebrand on Zakuul. Their evolving mechanical ally, SCORPIO, using her alias as the Lady of Sorrows, lured her out with a false promise of explosives. When they arrived at the rendezvous, Firebrand was being assaulted by skytrooper battle droids. After mopping up the hostiles, Firebrand, introducing herself as Kaliyo Djannis, turned her blaster on her rescuers. After explaining their intent to recruit her, Kaliyo stated that if they wanted her help, the Outlander would have to help her in her mission to compensate for their deception regarding the explosives. Theron then split off from the pair to meet a contact.[20]

Once back on Odessen, the Outlander passed on the data they recovered on the Spire to Theron, and decided to recruit Kaliyo to the Alliance. Subsequently, the Alliance received word that Arcann destroyed five planets under the pretense that they were supporting the Alliance. Senya Tirall, the mother of the Eternal Empire's rulers, felt that the Alliance was responsible for letting this happen, but Lana and Theron reasoned that they were not responsible for her children's crimes. As the Alliance prepared for action, Senya stormed out, saying that sooner or later her children, Arcann and Vaylin, would answer for their crimes.[20]

Recruiting Havoc Squad

Alliance in battle

Theron joins the Allaince forces in their first strike against Zakuul

Theron later passed on the Spire data to Jonas Balkar, who passed it onto Havoc Squad, who decided to take leave of their official duties for a rogue operation on Zakuul. Knowing that he'd lose his allies in the SIS if Havoc was caught doing what was basically treason, Theron and the Outlander traveled back to Zakuul to assist them in their operation. Subsequently, Havoc and the Alliance collaborated in attacking Zakuul's planetary transmitter to plant a wiretap. In doing so, they discovered the existence of the GEMINI frequency that controlled the Eternal Fleet.[21]

Attempted infiltration of the Spire

After pinpointing the existence of a hyperwave relay station, the Alliance became divided on how best to approach it; Lana believed decrypting the GEMINI frequency could help them find out Arcann's plans; Kaliyo wanted to control the Fleet for the Alliance; and Jorgan wanted to destroy it to sever control of the Fleet. After the Outlander assigned infiltration and diversion parties, the Commander disappeared while the information went underway. When the Outlander returned, they elaborated on how they met Theron's mother, Satele, and the Force ghost of Darth Marr, who had been on Odessen the whole time, and how they helped them to create a new weapon to defeat Arcann. At that moment, the infiltration team went dark, forcing the diversion team to go in to rescue them. The Spire subsequently went into lockdown, preventing the Alliance from communicating with either team.[22]

With nothing to do but wait, the Alliance's inner circle subsequently undertook a heist with the aid of the scoundrel, Gault Rennow, and his partner, Vette, to raid the Gilded Star and steal the Eternal Empire's galactic plunder. Upon their return to Odessen, they learned that Kaliyo and Jorgan had escaped Zakuul, though four members of Havoc had died in the attempt. The infiltration team had failed to accomplish their objective, but had managed to steal a datacore with information on the GEMINI droids. However, due to the pair's inability to work together, Theron recommended that they be confined to base until further notice.[23]

Capture of GEMINI Prime

Theron later journeyed to the Mestani sector on a scouting run. He remained in communication with Odessen when SCORPIO had uncovered that the GEMINI droids are based on her own complex technology and derived from a template, GEMINI Prime. The Prime was located in a factory on Darvannis. Because the Prime was heavily protected, Theron called in Mandalorian allies to help besiege the factory. After the Commander had secured the Prime, SCORPIO analyzed her and determined that plugging GEMINI Prime into the captain's chair of any warship in the Eternal Fleet would enable them to take control, and they found one such warship in a nearby sector.[24]

Behind the scenes

Theron shan

Theron Shan concept art

Theron Shan was first indirectly mentioned in an article in The Holonet section of the Star Wars: The Old Republic website, which included the phrase "a secret son" written in Aurebesh. His name was later revealed in the 124th issue of the magazine Star Wars Insider, and first appeared in the 2011 comic series Star Wars: The Old Republic—The Lost Suns. Shan also appeared in the novel The Old Republic: Annihilation.

Drew Karpyshyn, author of Annihilation, responded to a question via Twitter that Theron Shan was 30 during the events of the novel, meaning that Shan was born in 3670 BBY. However, the novel itself stated that Shan was conceived after the Battle of Alderaan, which occurred in 3667 BBY.

He is voiced by Troy Baker.

In War for Iokath, Theron will advise the player to side the Republic and is a safer bet than the Sith Empire.

In Crisis on Umbara, Depending on how the player takes the Eternal Throne at the end of Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, Theron will say that the Alliance outgrew the Outlander (if light side option) or the Outlander is now a tyrant (if dark side option).


Both Imperial and Republic characters of either gender have the option to flirt with Theron during the events prior to and during Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan. For Imperial players, the romance will conclude with a kiss on Yavin 4. Republic players seem to get a bit farther than a kiss, as implied by the fade to black that follows.

Following the events on Ziost, Republic player characters can share another kiss with Theron on Carrick Station.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire players of both factions can resume flirting with Theron during Chapter IX: Alliance, and can eventually initiate a full romance. If the player does this, there will be a number of flirt options in cutscenes with him present in both Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire and Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne.

In Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen, Theron will make the player promise to come back alive before going to confront Arcann.

In Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, before the player departs for Zakuul, Theron will tell the player that he loves them, in which the player can respond by inspiring him, or kissing him, stating that they love him too.


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