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Theta Squadron was a team of clone commandos dispatched to protect director Lorca Oviedo, and was trapped on Asturias when Separatist forces attacked their ship. The only survivor of the mission was RC-2088.

The missionEdit


The remainder of Theta Squadron after the captain's death.

Upon their return from a conference on Aviles Prime, director Lorca Oviedo's Republic ship reported a malfunction with their life-support systems. In an attempt to repair the damage, the convoy dropped out of lightspeed near the factory moon Asturias, only to be attacked by a Droid Control Ship. One of the flanking ships was destroyed immediately, and the director's shuttle was hit, causing it to careen down to the surface of the planet. Theta's ship followed Oviedo's shuttle to the planet, attempting to buy them time to descend, but it was in vain as they too crashed. As they regrouped outside of the crash site, they confirmed eleven men dead, including the pilot, and minor injuries to the co-pilot, RC-1080. After tracking where the director's ship went down, which was at first interfered with due to the nearby star, they boarded the ship to find corpses with close-quarter shots indicating their death was by execution. They then discovered that all of the systems, including the life-supports, were fine, and that there was no reason to ditch. Following droid prints leading away from the ship, they recovered the director from a position guarded by Wat Tambor's battle droids, despite losing two squadron-mates, and overhearing that Oviedo was conspiring with Tambor to leak info on troop deployment patterns. En route to the shuttle, commando sergeant, RC-2088, is injured off of an attack from Vulture Droids sent by Tambor, forcing him to abandon his helmet and seriously scarring his face. Upon reaching the ship, droidekas appear over the side of a hill and wipe out two commandos before they can make it to the boarding ramp, where they find two droids that kill the captain and once again injure the co-pilot. Pulling Oviedo onto the ship, they depart from the planet, where the co-pilot dies from injuries and Oviedo dies from an unknown cause. RC-2088, the final surviving member of the squad, was re-assigned to Aiwha Squad.[1]

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