Thetis Quelton was a human female who owned the armor production company Quelton Fabrication on her homeworld Gilvaanen. Quelton was a great lover of history and hated the Empire for destroying it on many worlds. In order to try and slow the Empire's progress in capturing the Outer Rim Territories, she created an elaborate plan in which she would place a specially designed grommet in the armor of the Empire's stormtroopers which would infect them with the disease bottleneck. In order to get the grommets into circulation, she obtained a contract to produce stormtrooper armor, but only managed to obtain the contract to produce the plates for the armor, not the internal components like the grommet. This was instead given to Cladtech, a rival company based on Gilvaanen.

After armor production on Gilvaanen failed to keep up with the Empire's demands, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and industrialist Count Denetrius Vidian were sent to the world to discover the issue and boost production. Quelton pretended to be loyal to the Empire during their week long stay, and led the Imperials into discovering that Mawdo Larrth, the leader of Cladtech, was involved in planning strikes for his workers, which led to Vidian executing him. Cladtech was then merged with Quelton Fabrication, providing Quelton with the means to commence her plan of placing the infectious grommets in the armor. Tarkin saw through Quelton's charade however, and after getting himself invited back to Quelton's mansion, he accused her of disloyalty. Vidian then arrived, having found the grommets, and Quelton revealed her plan to the pair and cursed them Empire for the damage it had done to the history and cultures of so many worlds. She then killed herself rather than be taken into Imperial custody.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Plotting against the Empire[edit | edit source]

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Thetis Quelton was the owner of Quelton Fabrication, an armor production company contracted with the Empire and based on the jungle planet Gilvaanen in the Inner Rim region of the galaxy. Quelton despised the Empire for the way it destroyed the history of many worlds, an concocted a plan to try and oppose them. She spent millions developing a special type of grommet for use in the atmospheric transduction nozzle of the helmets worn by Imperial stormtroopers. When used, the grommet would release spores that would eventually give the wearer a respiratory disease known as bottleneck. Quelton hoped that by infecting the Stormtrooper Corps with this disease she would reduce Imperial recruitment numbers, slowing their progress in taking over the Outer Rim Territories.[1]

In order to get the grommets into circulation she established a contract with the Empire; however, she was only able to obtain the contract for producing the armor plates used in the suits, with the contract for the final internal work on the suits being done by Cladtech, a rival company based across town from Quelton Fabrication in the capital of Gilvaanen. This meant that Quelton's factories were not responsible for placing the grommets she had designed in the suits. Shortly after getting the contract, Quelton scrapped work breaks for her employees, who were mostly Ithorians. While producing the grommets, Quelton communicated with several other dissidents offworld, but they eventually refused to be part of her plan and ceased contact.[1]

An Imperial visit[edit | edit source]

At some point between the theft of the Imperial corvette known as the Carrion Spike and the Gorse conflict, the Empire's rapid growth outpaced the armor production rates on Gilvaanen, with armor production only increasing by fifty percent in a year and so not reaching its quota. To remedy this issue, Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine sent Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and the industrialist Count Denetrius Vidian to Gilvaanen to meet with armor producers such as Quelton. The Grand Moff messaged Quelton and explained the nature of their visit, but Vidian was the first to arrive at Quelton's factory and meet her, appearing at midnight and giving the same explanation as Tarkin's communique. He then remained in the factory to review the facility and its employees.[1]

When Tarkin arrived at the factory, Quelton was personally testing a rare suit of Pikaati armor by having three Ithorian workers fire blasters at her while she stood on top of an antique table wearing the outfit. Upon sighting Tarkin and his escort, Quelton halted the testing and removed the her helmet, greeting the Grand Moff and apologising for how sweaty she was after wearing the armor. The group then moved to Quelton's office, where the Ithorians aided her in removing the rest of the armor before she ordered the them to return to work. Tarkin also dismissed his men, and the pair then discussed her unusual methods of testing armor and a one of the ancient suits of armor in her collection. Tarkin then brought up the subject of his visit, but was surprised when Vidian entered the office and revealed how early he had arrived. Vidian then sent Quelton a list of seventeen practices in the facility that needed updating, which she viewed quickly on a datapad before Vidian guided her and Tarkin around the factory pointing out the improvements he had suggested. During the tour, Quelton hit one of her Ithorian workers with a baton.[1]

Tarkin was not satisfied with the changes Vidian demanded, and claimed that they would not be enough to resolve the deficit in production. Quelton responded that her company were not the ones responsible for the underproduction, blaming her rival company Cladtech instead, who were responsible for the final interior work needing to be done on Imperial armor. She claimed that their Ithorian leader Mawdo Larrth was tolerant of unionist activity amongst his workers and allowed them to stage work slowdowns as protests. To prove her point she then showed the two Imperials the large stocks of armor plating her factory had produced which were yet to be completed by Cladtech. The two Imperials then visited the Cladtech factory, where based on Quelton's criticisms, Tarkin had agents of the Imperial Security Bureau met him to round up all truant workers. Upon returning to Quelton's factory, Tarkin was given the desk of the company' vice president, whom Quelton had fired.[1]

A short lived success[edit | edit source]

A week into the Imperial's stay at her factory, Quelton approached Tarkin and warned him that she had received word of treasonous behavior from the factory floor. Based on the information she provided, Tarkin's men discovered an illegal meeting being held between the supervisors of Cladtech and Larrth, who were planning to stage another strike concerning the changes Tarkin had made since his arrival. Vidian killed Larrth and then informed the remaining Ithorians that if they did not meet their quotas, all the workers they supervised would be killed. Vidian then proposed that Cladtech be merged into Quelton Fabrications, giving Quelton control of both factories, and unbeknown to the Imperials, allowing her to place her grommets into circulation. She received the news while in Larrth's old office and was incredibly pleased, immediately issuing orders over comlink to her old factory and then promising to improve things in Cladtech's facilities. Vidian then returned to the original Quelton Fabricatios facility to help with the transitions taking place there, but Tarkin remained and asked to visit Quelton's personnel mansion for dinner and a viewing of some of her antique armor pieces. Quelton agreed and invited Tarkin to arrive in four hours, claiming she would have her droids cook something suitable for them.[1]

Quelton greeted Tarkin herself upon his arrival, once again wearing a full suit of Pikaati armor. She gave the Grand Moff a full tour of her home, during which Tarkin informed her that Vidian would be joining them. Quelton was at first surprised, but admitted she had many questions for the industrialist, especially concerning his armor. Tarkin then accused her of being sympathetic to her workers as Larrth had been, claiming the harshness she had shown during his week long visit had been an act. Vidian then arrived, having discovered the grommets Quelton had produced he explained how they worked to Tarkin. This prompted Quelton to admit her true plans to the pair, but before she could be arrested by ISB agents, she activated a mechanism within her Pikaati suit that sent her into a seizure and then killed her.[1]

Following Quelton's death, Vidian and Tarkin advised the Emperor to institutionalize armor production on Gilvaanen and bring it under the control of the Imperial Department of Military Research. Vidian's advisor Everi Chalis was placed in charge of the transition, but Vidian and Tarkin made a deal that the Grand Moff would have oversight of the operation in future and in exchange the industrialist would receive control in a number of other areas.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Quelton was an eccentric individual who had a great love of history and enjoyed collecting historical artifacts including many exotic suits of armor. She hated the Empire for the damage it had done to historical structures, records or cultures on many worlds including her homeworld, and created a hugely expensive plot to try and hinder them, despite knowing it would likely end in her death. She was kind and sympathetic enough to Ithorian workers that there was no dissent amongst them toward her, although during Vidian and Tarkin's visit to her factory she acted more brusquely and violently toward them in order to try and appear more loyal and efficient to the Empire. Ultimately she chose to end her own life rather than be capture by he Empire.[1]

At the time of the Imperials' visit to Gilvaanen, Quelton as in her late sixties and had wrinkled skin and brown hair. Despite hating the Empire, Quelton at least claimed to be highly interested in the armor that Vidian wore, complementing it several times and hoping to ask him questions about it when she learned he was visiting her mansion. She was able to fool both Tarkin and Vidian into believing she was loyal to the Empire for the majority of her trip and appeared greatly invigorated by the challenge of keeping up with the Empire's demands, which Tarkin and Vidian promised would continually increase.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Thetis Quelton first appeared in the short story "Bottleneck", which was written by John Jackson Miller and published in the The Rise of the Empire compilation of stories released in 2015.

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