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Third Barsenthors holocron

The holocron

Around 3638 BBY[1], the third Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order, assisted by Jedi Master Kutri O'a, created a personal holocron while on the planet Rishi. In that holocron, the Barsen'thor preserved all the knowledge he had obtained in the years prior.[2]

In a possible future, the holocron was found by a Jedi on Sarkhai after the fall of the Republic. In another, it was found by a Sith, descended from one defeated by the Barsen'thor's soldiers.

Behind the scenesEdit

The holocron is constructed during the unique consular class mission in the Shadow of Revan update of the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMMORPG. After gathering some items and meditating, the player chooses what the holocron will answer in possible scenarios.

If the holocron is found by the Jedi, the player can choose to train her to fight without anger, to teach her diplomacy and healing, or guide her to the old Esh-kha and Rakata weapons. If they choose the latter, O'a will mention that stars die in her war.

If the holocron is found by the Sith, the player may choose to lead the Sith the path, hoping it would teach him serenity, in which case he will resist at first, but redeem himself in the end. The holocron may also deny him the teachings, in which case he dies unremarkable. The third option is to let him go trough the path, with all its dangers. If he survived, he would learn from it and spread the teachings.

The third choice is what the holocron will identify itself as. The choices are just Barsen'thor, the character's name, or all titles. O'a also says the consular may gain other titles, including Seneschal, Hierophant of the Jal Shey and Betrayer of Balmorra.

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Notes and referencesEdit

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