"We paused only long enough for Jace to create a diversionary attack..."
Adi Gallia[src]

The Third Battle of Qotile was a battle of the Stark Hyperspace War, the third of five battles fought on the Outer Rim world of Troiken. It was presumably a draw.

The battle itself was a diversion. Jace Dallin led the forces of Ranulph Tarkin's paramilitary in an attack outside of their Mount Avos sanctuary against the Stark Collective, who had decided to avoid any more attacks in favor of a siege. As the Republic force attacked, a contingent of Jedi (Adi Gallia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Qui-Gon Jinn) and Senators (Nute Gunray and Finis Valorum), as well as a Judicial pilot, left Avos through a side-tunnel. They were heading towards the Troiken spaceport where Gallia and the pilot would steal a Combine ship to return the politicians to Coruscant, in order to inform the Galactic Senate and Jedi Council of the war's proceedings.


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