"They couldn't possibly have mustered the strength to take back Ruusan. Not without us knowing!"
"It wasn't the Republic. It was the Jedi. Hundreds of them. Thousands. Jedi Masters, Jedi Knights, Jedi Padawans: an entire army of Jedi.
―Kopecz breaks the news of the Sith defeat to Kaan[src]

The Third Battle of Ruusan was one of the final battles of the New Sith Wars. Following the previous engagement over the planet of Ruusan, the victorious Sith forces established a surface base and kept their fleet in orbit. Thousands of Jedi under Lord Hoth—the new Army of Light—arrived on the world to destroy the Sith garrison, while Skere Kaan and his main forces were occupied with taking the Bormea sector. The Jedi used one- and two-man fighters instead of capital ships, thus evading the Sith fleet, and their use of the Force overwhelmed the basic Sith infantry.

Kopecz fled to the Bormea sector to inform Lord Kaan of the defeat. The declaration of the Army of Light revealed the reasoning to the recent absence of Jedi Masters Kaan had experienced in recent conflicts. His suspicions realized, the Sith made haste to Ruusan to re-take the planet, and face his nemesis, Lord Hoth.

After the end of the war, the Third Battle of Ruusan would be remembered as one of Lord Hoth's greatest victories.[1]



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