"To the seventh dungeon with the conqueror fool. There he shall subjugate rotworms, while his gearwork soldiers shall stand in glorious tribute to High Exaltedness Kossak."
Kossak the Hutt[src]

The Third Battle of Vontor (circa 25,100 BBY) was the battle where the Hutts and their allies finally defeated the Empire of Xim the Despot.


The Hutt Empire had been competing with the empire Xim had carved out in the Tion Cluster for control of the Si'Klaata Cluster for some five years. Already, the two empires had fought two inconclusive battles over Vontor.

The battle[]

In the third and final battle, the Hutt forces were bolstered by Klatooinian, Vodran, Nikto, and Weequay mercenaries. Kossak gathered his fleet at Vontor and Xim sent his troops to the surface in massive landing barges. He did not expect to find the millions of Klatooinians, Nikto, Weequays and Vodrans waiting for them on the surface. Despite their technological advantages over the Hutts, Xim's forces were no match for Kossak the Hutt's new allies. While Xim was sending his warships against Kossak's forces, the Vodrans and their new companions destroyed most of Xim's war-robots and then wrecked Xim's orbital platforms by bombing them. Xim's fleet was destroyed in orbit except for a few ships that escaped with the last war robots. Xim was officially killed in the conflict, but in truth he was captured and died as a slave in the palace of Kossak on Varl. However, his treasure ship, the Queen of Ranroon, escaped to the planet of Dellalt, where it would remain hidden for millennia.


After the battle, the Treaty of Vontor was signed by the Hutts, Klatooinians, Vodrans, and Nikto. This treaty set the Hutts up as eternal overlords of the three other species and of the Si'Klaata Cluster.

Guttu the Hutt had a tapestry of the battle.[1]



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