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"Hunt the Jedi. Get others to hunt them as well. Offer bounties. Ten times more for one alive than dead. One might be turned."
Darth Krayt[src]

The Third Jedi Purge was an attempt to eradicate the New Jedi Order instigated by Darth Krayt and his One Sith in order to impose the Dark Lord's will on the galaxy. Preceded by heavy casualties in the Battle of Coruscant, in the initial attack, only half of the Jedi died at Coruscant and at the Massacre at Ossus.

The remaining Jedi went into hiding, many taking shelter in the Hidden Temple, while others left the Jedi way. The new Emperor feared the Jedi would join the deposed Roan Fel and his Empire-in-exile, or the Galactic Alliance Remnant and ordered Darth Maladi, head of Sith Intelligence and Assassination to offer bounties in exchange for the capture of Jedi.

To a lesser extent, Imperial Knights were also targets of this persecution because of their loyalty to the deposed Emperor and their unorthodox take on Jedi teachings. After the death of Darth Krayt in 138 ABY the Purge was brought to an end.

Despite the Sith's advantages, as with the previous purges, the opposite result the Sith were hoping for happened: the Jedi rallied as many members of their order retreated to their hidden temple, and many later participated in the war's final battle. During the battle, Cade Skywalker struck down Darth Krayt and the Sith lost much of their military power. The Sith forces retreated, leaving the allies victorious and the Jedi free to rebuild their order.


Behind the scenes

The third Jedi Purge first appeared in the first issue of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series.[1]



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