The Third Pius Dea Crusade was a religious crusade orchestrated by Contispex II, the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, and the Pius Dea religious cult against the Hutts. Not long after the Second Pius Dea Crusade, Contispex II ordered a third Republic-sanctioned invasion of Hutt Space in 11,939 BBY, playing off of Republic citizens' fear of the Hutts as he and his father had done to instigate the First and Second Pius Dea Crusades against the Hutts.[1]

Under the direction of Contispex II and the Pius Dea, the forces of the Republic Military began to attack the southern ends of Hutt Space. Launching their forces from the edge of Republic space, one fleet moved from Ord Gustald to Sneeve and then Chalacta, while an additional two fleets were launched from Ord Thabl against Cyborrea and the northern region of Hutt Space. A fourth fleet jumped from the Ootmian Pabol trade route to Nimban, just on the edge of Hutt Space. The Third Crusade would be followed nineteen years later in 11,920 BBY by a fourth crusade against the Hutts, continuing a trend of religious persecution of aliens.[1]

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The Third Pius Dea Crusade was first referenced in the 2012 reference guide The Essential Guide to Warfare. While not mentioned explicitly in the text, the Third Crusade appears on a map of the Crusades and their movement across the galaxy.[1]


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