The Third Recon Group was a military unit within the ground forces of the New Republic.[1]

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The Third Recon Group was deployed onto the surface of Jakku in 5 ABY under the command of Major Ranz, where they were tasked with stopping an Imperial supply convoy. Shortly before the attack, a squad under Sergeant Agarne found downed pilots Temmin Wexley of Phantom Squadron and Lieutenant Gina Moonsong of Blade Squadron, who agreed to assist in the attack.

Moonsong, seeing that the unit was undermanned and unlikely to succeed, suggested a plan to Ranz, citing that, though his orders were to maintain complete radio silence until they had engaged the convoy, any transmissions after they engaged would be okay. During the attack, Moonsong stole an Imperial transport and used its comm systems to raise Admiral Gial Ackbar and request air support. Though the Third Recon Group took heavy casualties, they were saved by the intervention of Blade Squadron, and their mission was a success.

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