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This Crumb for Hire is a comic story written by Ryder Windham and drawn by Allen Nunis. It was published in August 1996 in the second issue of Dark Horse's comic anthology A Decade of Dark Horse.

Publisher's summary[]

Star Wars, Nexus, and Ghost—three all-new stories in one great comic! Dark Horse continues its tenth-anniversary celebration in the second issue of A Decade of Dark Horse, featuring Jabba the Hutt's first meeting with Salacious Crumb; Ursula's not-so-subtle mind games with Nexus; and a startling physical transformation for Ghost! Such an incredible line-up of stories by such an incredible line-up of writers and artists! Who could not celebrate?!

Plot summary[]


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Full cover art by Allen Nunis & Perry McNamee

The A Decade of Dark Horse anthology consisted of 4 issues. This Crumb for Hire is the only Star Wars story to appear in the series. The issues contained stories from these series':

A Decade of Dark Horse 1 - Sin City, Predator & Grendel

A Decade of Dark Horse 2 - Star Wars, Ghost & Trekker

A Decade of Dark Horse 3 - Aliens, Outlanders, Nexus & The Mask

A Decade of Dark Horse 4 - Concrete, Black Cross, Exon Depot & Godzilla



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