This Precious Shining is a story from Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 7.


Stumbling through the wreckage of their planet to get to a waiting transport, Rayt, Bryn, and Wes stumble across a completely devastated area. Clambering through the corpses of killed clones, Bryn overhears a message conveyed over a still-functional helmet. The message calls for all available help to help in the transport of Separatist funds. Immediately ditching their rusted transport, the trio don clone armor and prepare to heist enough money to buy their own ship. As they march towards the bank, Rayt spots one of his bank co-workers, Trillan Katos, and his family desperately holding off droids. Aiming his Blaster at the droids, Bryn hits an artillery piece and scores a crippling hit, allowing the Katos family to escape to freedom. Dodging the shots of Trillan's wife, who holds a grudge against the clones, the three finally reach the banks, only to find the real clones steps behind them. Convincing the commander that they are part of the army, Rayt, Bryn, and Wes are forced to move aboard the Republic transport—finally finding a way off their planet.


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