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This is Rey is a forthcoming Level 1 World of Reading young readers book focusing on Rey and will feature the illustration style of the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures animated shorts.

The book was scheduled for release by Disney–Lucasfilm Press in 2021, was delayed to 2022, and then pulled from Disney Publishing's official catalog and most retail sites. The title has never been officially canceled by Disney–Lucasfilm Press.

Publisher's summary[]

This Level 1 early reader with stickers introduces young fans and reluctant readers to Rey, one of the galaxy's greatest heroes from the Star Wars saga and features a fun new illustration style from the celebrated Galaxy of Adventures animation shorts (with over 3 million views on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel). Padawans learning to read will love this fresh take on a format parents know and trust.[1]


This is Rey was first announced in Disney Book Group's official fall 2020–winter 2021 catalog, released in June 2020.[2] The book was listed as having a release date of February 23, 2021.[2] In October 2020, Disney's listings for the book indicated that it had been delayed to February 15, 2022.[1]

Sometime thereafter, This is Rey was removed from all of Disney Publishing's official catalogs as well as most major retail sites, with the exception of Edelweiss which lists the book's release as February 15, 2050.[3]

Disney–Lucasfilm Press has not officially commented on the book's release status or cancelation.




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