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Thisspiasians were a serpentine species, distinguished by their long snake-like bodies and thick beards, that were native to the planet Thisspias.[2] Thisspiasians had four arms, but a pair of them were often hidden beneath their clothing. Thisspiasians slept for a couple of hours per day, however their main form of rest was a type of trance that could last for minutes or hours. The trance provided neurological repair. If a Thisspiasian missed the trance, they could become emotional and irritable.[2] Thisspiasians' tails helped them slither over the rocky environment of their natural habitat and their thick beards helped deter swarms of biting cygnats.[6]

The Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis, who had a place in the Jedi Council during the Battle of Naboo, was a Thisspiasian.[1] Codo Keburr was also a member of this species.[2]



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