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Thisspiasians were an omnivorous, sentient species of reptiles from the planet Thisspias.

Biology and appearance[]

Thisspiasians were easily recognized by their abundant beards, which evolved to deter the biting cygnats of their homeworld,[1] and their long tails, which reached lengths of two meters in most cases. These tails were very strong and were commonly used to carry large objects. When meditating or at rest, a Thisspiasian would coil their tail beneath their torso, reducing their height by half of a meter. Beside their flowing beards, Thisspiasians also had long hair surrounding their heads, with little of their faces showing other than their mouth and eyes. Their hair and the scales of their lower body were often of matching colors.[2]

A Thisspiasian alchemist.

They also possessed four arms, with the upper set being stronger and larger. Each of their four hands had five fingers, and each finger was tipped with a long, sturdy claw. It was thought unsophisticated or unseemly by upper-class Thisspiasians to have the bottom two visible in public, so they were generally hidden from sight via larger garments, with the smaller limbs sometimes even bound to their bodies. Since working-class Thisspiasians did not exhibit either the aversion to displaying their lower limbs nor the strength disparity between the two sets, it was thought by xenobiologists that it was due to a continuing evolution that the upper-class lost muscle strength.[1] In combat, however, these customs were forgotten, and all four limbs were used to battle their opponents.[3]

Though they were omnivores, and typically consumed a fair amount of vegetables, due to their reptilian ancestry, Thisspiasians had a preference of eating live meals, such as insects, birds, and rodents. If needed, the jaw would unhinge at the joint, and the meal would be consumed whole. Also due to their ancestry, Thisspiasians would shed their skin every now and then, normally in spans of a few years each time. Instead of shedding the skin in one piece, though, they would cover themselves in oils and salves, taking away dead scales during times of personal grooming.[1]

Thisspiasians needed very little sleep to function normally, resting for only two hours a day. They did require periods of meditation, however, with these trances lasting five or six hours a day. A Thisspiasian who didn't meditate for the normal amount of time would be prone to bursts of exaggerated emotion.[2]

Society and culture[]

Thisspiasian culture was one of proud warriors, who kept their emotions well-concealed and their rages checked. Many outsiders saw only a Thisspiasian's outward facade of tranquility, and to most being it seemed as if Thisspiasians existed in a sea of calm. This was far from the truth, however, as they were in truth a very passionate species below the surface. A Thisspiasian who didn't meditate as often as they should would be prone to fits of rage or crying.[2]

The entire world of Thisspias was ruled by a single Thisspiasian, a king or queen known as the Blood Monarch. The title was hereditary, and reached back to the early years of the Galactic Republic. Due to its ancient history, the monarchy was always seen by Thisspaisians as archaic, out-of-touch, and decadent. The monarchy in turn made attempts to update their views in accordance with the modern culture of the times, but these attempts were periodic at best.[2] A democratically elected parliament handled much of the actual legislative matters planetwide, however.[1]

Thisspiasians enjoyed eating their meals still living, but since many other species found this trait unnerving or repulsive, Thisspiasians could also take their food cooked. A typical Thisspiasian feast included several cages of living animals centered in the middle of the table, culled from species across the galaxy. These animals, still-living, would be dipped in various seasoned dipping sauces and consumed whole. While Thisspiasians would temper their love for living foods for the benefit of outsiders, they contested the practice of cooking altogether, saying that such foods lacked a certain "zesty flavor".[1]


In the early years of the Republic, Thisspaisians came into contact with the new galactic government and eagerly pledged the loyalty of their world. Thisspaisian warriors soon spread throughout the galaxy, their skills proving vital in preserving the fledgling Republic and defeating many threats both external and within.[2]

In 206 BBY, the Force-sensitive Oppo Rancisis was born to the current Blood Monarch, becoming next in line to the throne. At the age of six, Rancisis was handed over to the Jedi Order by his mother, who hoped that he would return when he was needed, and ascend to the monarchy with the wisdom and experience of a Jedi. In his absence, his younger sister took the throne, but in 186 BBY, when Rancisis was twenty, terrorists stormed the monarch's palace,[4] and killed his sister.[5] As Rancisis was next in the lines of heirs, and was offered the throne. Devoted to the Jedi Code, he refused the offer, and continued with his training in the Jedi Temple.[4]

Rancisis rose through the ranks of the order, becoming adept at several Force powers, specifically battle meditation, and was promoted to the rank of Jedi Master. He sat on the Jedi High Council and participated in several important conflicts including the Stark Hyperspace War and the Yinchorri Uprising.

Rancisis on the Jedi Council during the Clone Wars.

When the Clone Wars broke out across the galaxy, Rancisis took an active role, becoming a Senior Jedi General. Though he spent most of his time on Coruscant, coordinating Republic forces, he directly took part in two instances. The first found Rancisis facing off against the current Blood Monarch of his homeworld. The monarch was considering seceding to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and Rancisis sought to persuade him otherwise. When the monarch would not relent his position, the two engaged in ritual unarmed combat, with Rancisis coming out the winner. The monarch reluctantly remained a part of the Republic, and Thisspaisian warriors and strategists worked with the Republic during the war in several critical battles.[2]

Rancisis' second foray into the front lines of the conflict was at the Siege of Saleucami in 19 BBY. Rancisis took a vital role in the siege, using his proficiency in battle meditation to join the myriad Republic forces on the planet together. While he was deep in meditation, Rancisis was attacked by a group of Anzati assassins. Even exhausted as he was, Rancisis proved a far more formidable foe than they imagined, and he slew his attackers. The attack was merely a ruse, however, and the Dark Jedi, Sora Bulq, stabbed Rancisis in the back, killing him.[3]

When the Clone Wars came to an end with the rise of Palpatine and the new Galactic Empire, Thisspias became a target for the Emperor. He directed his forces to bombard the planet from orbit, wreaking chaos and subsequently enslaving many Thisspiasians. The Emperor installed an overzealous Imperial governor to oversee the world, but this governor quickly overstepped both his mandate and his skill set. He sought to impress Palpatine by executing the current Blood Monarch and holding the crown prince captive. The furious Thisspaisians revolted, but their attacks most often proved futile in the face of the Imperial occupation. When spies from the Rebel Alliance infiltrated the governor's ranks and rescued the prince, whisking him away from Thisspias, however, things turned around, and the Thisspaisians gained hope and renewed their resistance.[2]

The governor, in turn, covered his humiliation by threatening to annihilate the entire species. The Emperor was less than impressed after all, and an Emperor's Hand soon killed the witless governor. The Hand then imposed a planetwide quarantine, and the world remained under Imperial rule until the Battle of Endor and the death of the Emperor. Following the fall of the Empire, the crown prince returned to his homeworld to find it embroiled in a heated debate over the future of his monarchy. The debate soon turned to open combat, and a brief civil war raged until the prince came out victorious. The Blood Monarch ruled Thisspias once more, and started the process of becoming part of the New Republic. Many Thisspaisians, however, noted that the politically anachronistic monarchy remained as out of touch and decadent as ever,[2] even into the time of the Galactic Alliance.[1]



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