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"He was killed early on in the war. It was hard to suppress my emotions—the rage I felt at his passing. And I understand your guilt, too. I was supposed to be his partner that day. But instead, the Council sent me on a separate mission. I always felt that if I had been there, I could have saved Master Tholme."
―Quinlan Vos[src]

Tholme was a male Jedi Master who trained Quinlan Vos.


At some point Tholme became a Jedi Master in the Jedi Order and took on Quinlan Vos as his Padawan. Some time after the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Tholme was assigned a mission, Vos wanted to be his partner but the Jedi High Council assigned him another mission. During Tholme's mission, he engaged in a duel with Asajj Ventress. Tholme lost the duel and was killed.[1]

Vos was enraged at the news of Tholme's passing. In 19 BBY, Vos fell in love with Ventress, not knowing that she was the one who killed Tholme. Eventually, Ventress confessed to Vos after Vos had turned to the dark side after being captured by Count Dooku and learning from the Count that Ventress was the one who had killed Tholme.[1]

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In official Star Wars canon, the character of Tholme was first referenced in the 2015 novel Dark Disciple.[1] He originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity, being created by noted author John Ostrander for the Star Wars: Republic comic book series; the character first appeared in a 2001 story arc entitled Darkness. In the Legends continuity, Tholme survived the Clone Wars and did not die until later, with his funeral pyre being erected on the planet Anzat.



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