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Tholothians were a species of sentient humanoids native to the planet Tholoth. They could be distinguished from typical humans by their partial bluish skin pigmentation, their scaled craniums and fleshy white, blue, or red tendrils that sprouted from their skullcaps. Jedi Adi Gallia, Stass Allie, Indeera Stokes, former Padawan Ty Yorrick, and the youngling Katooni were members of the species.

Biology and appearance[]

Tholothians were a humanoid sentient species. Largely similar to humans in appearance, their primary distinguishing characteristics were their scaled craniums, with skullcaps that sprouted fleshy head-tendrils, and partially bluish skin pigmentation,[2] particularly around the eyes.[6] The Tholothians' skullcaps could be white,[2] red,[3] or blue in colour.[7] Some Tholothians, such as D'urban Wen-Hurd, instead possessed hair on their heads.[8] Male Tholothians could grow facial hair.[9] Their skin could be brown[1] or pale.[3] It was possible for Tholothians to be Force-sensitive.[10]

Society and culture[]

The Tholothian government, which governed the species' homeworld of Tholoth, was a democracy with an executive branch and a senate of legislators. The government banished heavy industry to other planets in the Tholoth system to preserve the natural environment of Tholoth. The government also instituted policies to limit the flow of offworld visitors, and insisted that newcomers integrate in ways that minded Tholoth's ecology. Tholothian cities incorporated foreign architectural designs with distinct Tholothian twists.[5]

Traditional Tholoth headdresses were worn by many Tholothians as part of their culture. The headdresses consisted of brown fabric bands which went around the head and covered the ears, connected to a web of delicate chains which traced the scales of the wearer's scalp.[11]


Tholothians were native to Tholoth, an arboreal planet located in the Tholoth system of the galaxy's Colonies and Slice regions. Establishing their own planetary government, the Tholothians joined the Galactic Republic, the predominant galactic polity. However, when the Republic was transformed into the Galactic Empire at the end of the Clone Wars, the new totalitarian state occupied Tholoth, turning it into a prison for its residents while high-ranking Imperial officials built palatial estates for themselves in Tholoth's protected zones.[5]

Tholothians in the galaxy[]

Several Tholothians were members of the Force-using Jedi Order during the Republic Era. During the High Republic Era, Padawan Tylera was part of the Order until she departed following a traumatic incident at the Yallow Shrine,[12] after which she became the mercenary Ty Yorrick.[13] During the final decades of the Republic's existence, Jedi Master Adi Gallia sat on the Jedi High Council[14] until her death during the Clone Wars.[15] Other Tholothian Jedi who served during the period included Stass Allie, Gallia's successor on the Council,[16] as well as the youngling Katooni[6] and Jedi Knight D'urban Wen-Hurd.[8]



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