"Lieutenant Hudd was a thief-turned-rebel. He had a big mouth, but his heart was in the right place. Most of the time."
―Lina Graf[src]

Thom Hudd[2] was a human male thief who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a lieutenant during the Galactic Civil War. He served on the starship Auric under Commander Lina Graf and took part in a mission where the ship was attacked by a group of TIE fighters and forced to make an emergency landing on the Imperial-controlled volcanic planet of Mustafar.[1]


During the Early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Hudd joined the Rebel Alliance as a lieutenant under Commander Lina Graf aboard the Auric. During a mission, the Auric was forced to crash-land on Mustafar. There, Hudd saw a castle that was something out of a nightmare. After the Auric crashed, Hudd, Graf and the rest of the crew were able to escape it before the lava finished the ship.[1]

Hudd was against the idea going inside the castle due to the presence of Lava Troopers there. He then came under attack by several larva creatures. Hudd and the crew met the larva's parent, a Mustafar beetle. After XM-G3 killed the beetle, Hudd told the crew about what happened on Bray during the Clone War. The crew was then confronted by the lava troopers.[3]

As Graff and G3, and held off the lava troopers, Hudd, CR-8R, and Skritt ran towards the castle's entrance. There, Hudd picked the lock. Once inside, Hudd found a statue and attempted to steal it. He was confronted by several security droids,[4] screamed in fear,[5] and went missing.[2] By the time Graf and her crew got there, there was no trace of Hudd, just the statue on the floor.[5] Vaneé told Graf that Hudd had become one of Sith Lord Darth Vader's latest victim.[6]

After Graff escaped, Hudd was tortured by Vaneé[7] with the torture web.[8]

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Thom Hudd first appeared in the 2018 canon comic Tales from Vader's Castle 1: The Haunting of the Ghost, written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Derek Charm.[1] The idea of Hudd being a thief was derived from the original flashback story for the series' fifth issue, which involved a thief breaking into Vader's fortress.[9]



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