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"Thorilide? It's used in granular solid-state shock absorption. They use it on Star Destroyers to keep turbolaser turrets in place after firing."
―Hera Syndulla[src]

Thorilide was a prized commodity used to manufacture the shock absorbers of turbolaser cannons for starships. The Republic protected the important thorilide mining industry from corporate raiders during the Clone Wars. During the Empire's reign, long relied upon thorilide-rich comets were becoming rare, leading to an expansion of Thorilide mining. The planet Gorse and its moon, Cynda were estimated to have over 2000 years' worth of thorilide, indirectly leading to the Gorse conflict due to the extremes the Empire was willing to use to extract these resources. Thorilide was initially found in crystalline form and was mined using highly explosive baradium bisulfate, then refined to extract the valuable material within by submerging the crystals in xenoboric acid. It was a highly difficult resource to mine due to its tendency to decompose into smaller elements.[1]

The Interstellar Thorilide Guild was a mining guild that specialized in the mining of the resource.[1]

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