A thoughtcrier was a Force-sensitive Keshiri or Human Sith on the planet Kesh who was trained to send messages and warnings through the Force. Thoughtcriers could be found on two of Kesh's continents. They were utilized by governments as a communication system used to relay news and information across long distances.

Prior to the Sith annexation in 2975 BBY, the Alanciari made thoughtcriers an integral part of their militarized society. Fearing an invasion from the Sith living in Keshtah, thoughtcriers were used to supplement the Signal Corps which operated semaphore machines that were used to warn the Alanciari population of any invasion. The Induction Board was the body tasked with identifying Force-sensitive Keshiri and training them to be thoughtcriers. Quarra Thayn, who served as the wardmaster and chief military administrator of Uhrar, was a thoughtcrier.

The High Lord Edell Vrai's reconnaissance mission to Alanciar included at least three thoughtcriers who doubled as clairvoyants. Taymor was the thoughtcrier of the airship Candra and was killed during an assault by the Alanciari air force. Prior to her death, she managed to transmit feelings of fear and shock to the Grand Consort Iliana Hilts' thoughtcriers. Later, Vrai's remaining followers managed to re-establish contact wit the Tribe's leadership in Tahv through "thought-crying." This enabled them to contact Grand Lord Varner Hilts and inform him that they had captured an operational Alanciari sea-going vessel; the Mischance and two Alanciari prisoners: Quarra Thayn and signals officer Jogan Halder. Hilts ordered Vrai's followers to bring the Mischance and Halder back to Keshtah across the eastern ocean.

During the Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa's rebellion in Keshtah Minor in 2974 BBY, thoughtcriers were used to transmit news of the events at Sessal Spire to the Tribe's capital of Tahv. This enabled the Sith defenders at Tahv to prepare for the defense of the city against Dreypa and his Leviathans, reptilian Sithspawn capable of draining the souls of sentient beings.


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