"You've met Thrawn. Any true warrior would have given up whatever was necessary for the chance to serve under him."
Voss Parck to Mara Jade[src]

Thrawn's confederation, sometimes referred as Thrawn's Empire, was an Imperial faction created by Grand Admiral Thrawn in 8 ABY in order to restore the Galactic Empire. This confederacy reunited the remnants of the Galactic Empire and several independent Imperial factions, including warlords.

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"The New Order has never fallen. Only the Emperor. … The Emperor may be dead, but the Empire lives on!"
Ardus Kaine[src]



In 8 ABY, four years after the Battle of Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn finally returned from the Unknown Regions to the Empire. Thrawn formed his personal armada of six Imperial-class Star Destroyers and gathered other Imperial warships. With this fleet, he launched a series of successful raids against pirate nests and the border regions of the New Republic.


Grand Admiral Thrawn and his fleet.

By demonstrating his tactical and strategic genius, he impressed Empire's Moffs and earned the support of many Imperial officers and the powerful D'Asta family. He was quickly given control of all Imperial armed forces by the Imperial Ruling Council, making him Supreme Commander of the Empire.

Fearing coups, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine and Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel agreed to give Thrawn command of a temporary military confederation. To keep this unity, Thrawn never acknowledged that this empire was a single political entity and let all the Imperial leaders and warlords rule their territory in their own way.

Thrawn campaignEdit



Thrawn's death.

After Grand Admiral Thrawn's death in 9 ABY, the Imperial leaders dispersed and returned to their personal empires. The Imperial Ruling Council retook control of the Empire, more extended than ever.

Despite this failure, many Imperial officers began to think that a unified and victorious Empire was possible. This would happen next year with the return of Emperor Palpatine and later in 12 ABY with the Imperial Reunification.


During his campaign, Thrawn exclusively used the remnant forces of the Empire. The other factions of the confederation supported the Grand Admiral almost only financially. During the Battle of Sluis Van, Zero-G assault stormtroopers were deployed.


Thrawn's campaign

Thrawn's confederation in 9 ABY.

At the end of his campaign, Grand Admiral Thrawn controlled more than a third of the galaxy, an equivalent territory to that of the New Republic. The Empire would never be as large until the Fel Empire.


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