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"You've met Thrawn. Any true warrior would have given up whatever was necessary for the chance to serve under him."
Voss Parck to Mara Jade[src]

Thrawn's confederation, sometimes referred as Thrawn's Empire (8 ABY9 ABY), was a continuation of Galactic Empire created by Grand Admiral Thrawn, a cunning and ruthless Chiss Imperial warlord in 8 ABY who returned from the Unknown Regions that sought to restore the former Empire and fight back against the individual warlords vying for power in addition to Imperial loyalists trying to seize control, which was at that time locked in brutal civil war with the aim of taking back the galaxy from the New Republic.


"The New Order has never fallen. Only the Emperor. … The Emperor may be dead, but the Empire lives on!"
Ardus Kaine[src]



In 8 ABY, four years after the Battle of Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn finally returned from the Unknown Regions to the Empire. Thrawn formed his personal armada of six Imperial-class Star Destroyers and gathered other Imperial warships; with this fleet, he launched a series of successful raids against pirate nests and the border regions of the New Republic.

Grand Admiral Thrawn and his fleet.

By demonstrating his tactical and strategic genius, he impressed the Empire's remaining Moffs and earned the support of many Imperial officers in addition to the powerful D'Asta family. He was quickly given control of all Imperial armed forces by the Imperial Ruling Council and appointed Supreme Commander of the Empire.

Fearing coups, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine and Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel agreed to give Thrawn command of a temporary military confederation. To keep this unity, Thrawn never acknowledged that this empire was a single political entity and let all the Imperial leaders and warlords rule their territory in their own way.

Thrawn campaign[]


Thrawn's death.

After Grand Admiral Thrawn's death in 9 ABY, the Imperial leaders dispersed and returned to their personal empires. The Imperial Ruling Council retook control of the Empire, more extended than ever.

Despite this failure, many Imperial officers kept up morale, believing the Empire could emerge reunited and victorious despite Thrawn's demise. This would happen next year with the return of Emperor Palpatine and later in 12 ABY with the Imperial Reunification.


During his campaign, Thrawn exclusively used the remnant forces of the Empire, while the other factions of the confederation supported the Grand Admiral almost only financially.


Imperial-class Star Destroyers,[1] Victory-class Star Destroyers,[2] Carrack-class light cruisers,[1] Strike-medium class cruisers,[1] Immobilizer 418 cruisers,[1] Lancer-class frigate[1] and Interdictor-class Star Destroyers[3] served as primary warships for the fleet.

After the Battle for the Katana Fleet, 179 automated Dreadnought-class heavy cruisers were added to the fleet.[2]

At least four Golan II Space Defense Platforms were used by the fleet, with more potentially in their possession. Thrawn did at least have another one that was equipped with cloaking technology.[3]

TIE L/N starfighters,[1] TIE/sa bombers,[2] TIE/IN interceptors[1] were the primary starfighters used by the fleet. Scimitar assault bombers would later be used in the fleet.[2]

F7 "Landing Brick" Drop-Ships[2] would be used notably, alongside Lambda-class T-4a shuttles and Assault Shuttles.[1]

Imperial Naval troopers would be utilized as well, guarding and maintaining military bases in addition to Star Destroyers.[2]

The 181st Imperial Fighter Wing, Black Wing Squadron, and Scimitar assault wing served within the armada, with the 181st Wing and Black Wing serving at the Battle of Bilibringi.[4]


With Thrawn being Supreme Commander, Thrawn was able to gather up a large armed force of Imperial Army.

All Terrain Armored Transports[2], All Terrain Scout Transports[2], and All Terrain Personal Transports[2] served as primary walkers for the fleet. LAVr QH-7 Chariots, HAVr A9 Floating Fortresses, and Swift Assaults 5, PX-4 Mobile Command Bases, S-1 FireHawke Heavy Repulsortanks, Imperial-class 1-H Repulsortanks, HAVw A5 Juggernauts, Repulsor Scouts, 74-Z speeder bikes, and armored transport carriers were also used.[1]

Imperial Army Troopers would be used to guard planets underneath Thrawn's control.[3]

With Thrawn commanding the Stormtrooper Corps, He was able to command the remnants of the 501st Legion during his campaign.

Storm Commandos, alongside Noghri Death Commandos were used on specialized missions.[5]

Stormtroopers, Imperial Assault Troopers, and Biker Scouts were used for conquests, and guarding planets.[1] During the attack on Sluis Van Shipyards, Zero-G Assault Stormtroopers were used to board the battleships.[1] Imperial Radiation Troopers were used to attack the radioactive surface of Qat Chrystac. Sandtroopers were deployed on Tatooine to retrieve a painting.[6]


Although Imperial Intelligence was disbanded after the supposed death of Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard, the agency's assets remained, and were used heavily by Thrawn.[3]

Major Molo Himron was handpicked by Thrawn to travel to Coruscant with his squad of Imperial commandos to infiltrate the repurposed Imperial Palace and capture Leia Organa Solo's twins, with a secondary objective to neutralize Mara Jade, who had defected to the New Republic.[3]

Before Thrawn began striking at New Republic bases, he learned of Delta Source, a series of audio intelligence recording devices installed inside of the the trees within the Imperial Palace on Coruscant.[1] These would be used extensively to spy on Republic senators, military officials, and notable figures, as well as to gather information, until their discovery and removal in 9 ABY.


After discovering Mount Tantiss on Wayland, Thrawn made use of experimental cloaking technology, as well as approximately 20,000 spaarti cloning cylinders.[1] The latter provided the vast majority of the Grand Admiral's manpower late into his campaign, since his fleet was short on crew and soldiers before their discovery.[1]

The cloaking devices at Thrawn's disposal were used heavily; at least several starships were cloaked, and Thrawn would use these devices on dozens of asteroids in order to use them as a siege weapon for his retaking of Coruscant by placing them into orbit.[3]

During the Thrawn Crisis, his fleet utilized several siege platforms stationed above the planet Qat Chrystac. It deployed Imperial Radiation Troopers onto the planet's surface in order to destroy the secret New Republic base.[6]

Torpedo Spheres were used within the fleet.[6]

During the Battle of Woostri, Thrawn used attack cruisers with cloaking devices to perform a surprise attack on the planet.[3]

At the Imperial shipyards within the Bilbringi system, a crystal gravfield trap was kept there by Thrawn. Shield barriers were also stationed there for defense purposes.[3]

Ysalamir was used heavily by Thrawn's forces to combat force-sensitives.[3]

During Raid on Nomad City, 51 Plasma-Jet Mole Miners were stolen and eventually used to hijack New Republic ships at Sluis Van Shipyards.[1]


Thrawn's confederation in 9 ABY.

At the end of his campaign, Grand Admiral Thrawn controlled more than a third of the galaxy, an equivalent territory to that of the New Republic. After his death over Bilbringi and his confederation's subsequent collapse, the Empire's territory would never be as large until the Fel Empire.


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