The Thrawn Trilogy is a comic book series consisting of Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command. They were adapted by Mike Baron and take place about five years after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.

The Thrawn Trilogy of novels by Timothy Zahn (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command) is the official continuation of the original trilogy. It starts at 9 ABY and culminates at the Battle of Bilbringi. The series of eighteen comic books converts the book trilogy into a graphic form. That book series introduced many notable characters such as Mara Jade, one of the most popular Expanded Universe characters—still appearing in new books to this very day, and Grand Admiral Thrawn, one of the more notable Expanded Universe villains.

Each mini-series consisted of six issues that were later collected into a trade paperback form.



Issue Title Publication date Trade paperback Hardcover
Heir to the Empire Heir to the Empire (TPB) Heir to the Empire (Hardcover)
1 Heir to the Empire 1 October 1, 1995
2 Heir to the Empire 2 November 7, 1995
3 Heir to the Empire 3 December 12, 1995
4 Heir to the Empire 4 January 1, 1996
5 Heir to the Empire 5 March 12, 1996
6 Heir to the Empire 6 April 30, 1996
Dark Force Rising Dark Force Rising (TPB)
1 Dark Force Rising 1 May 1, 1997
2 Dark Force Rising 2 June 25, 1997
3 Dark Force Rising 3 July 30, 1997
4 Dark Force Rising 4 August 27, 1997
5 Dark Force Rising 5 September 24, 1997
6 Dark Force Rising 6 October 29, 1997
The Last Command The Last Command (TPB)
1 The Last Command 1 November 26, 1997
2 The Last Command 2 December 24, 1997
3 The Last Command 3 February 4, 1998
4 The Last Command 4 March 25, 1998
5 The Last Command 5 April 29, 1998
6 The Last Command 6 July 29, 1998

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