"A mainstay of the Gran diet, but perfectly suitable for anyone wanting a light meal. We toss fragrant goatgrass with Malastarian croutons, houjix cheese crumbles and three-eyed Kinyenian potatoes."
―The description of Goatgrass salad at Dex's[src]

The three-eyed Kinyenian potato was a species of potato from[1] the planet[2] Kinyen that was used in cooking. The eatery on the planet Coruscant known as Dex's Diner used the vegetables as an ingredient in its goatgrass salad, along with Malastarian croutons, crumbled houjix cheese, laser-cut greens and toppings sourced from local VegSatellites. Goatgrass salad was considered a staple in the diet of the Gran,[1] a three-eyed species also from Kinyen.[2] The Besalisk chef and owner of the diner, Dexter Jettster, considered the salad a light, delicious meal and served it with the potatoes in it as a lunch for 4.5 credits.[1]

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Three-eyed Kinyenian potatoes were featured in the 2009 article "Dining at Dex's," which was written by Gregory Walker and released exclusively on the Hyperspace section of StarWars.com in the form of an in-universe menu for Dex's Diner.[1]

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