Three Cheers for Kneesaa!: An Ewok Adventure was a children's book that was published in 1984 by Random House.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As the games portion of the Midsummer festival starts, Princess Kneesaa and Wicket are discussing Kneesaa's streak of victories in the basket-weaving contest. Kneesaa wants to win at something besides basket-weaving and resolves to enter the archery contest, but Wicket says that only male Ewoks are good at sports. Due to hiccups caused by consuming too many berries, Kneesaa is unable to shoot her arrow straight. She then enters a vine-swinging contest, but falls off into the river, onto a log. She rides the log down the river and over a waterfall, discovering that she has inadvertently won the log-riding contest, a dangerous event usually open only to older Ewoks. Wicket apologizes for his sexist remarks, and Kneesaa suggests that Wicket try to win the next year's basket-weaving event.

Publication history[edit | edit source]

Three Cheers for Kneesaa was part of a group of four Ewoks children's books issued in a small paperback size of about 4 inches by 5 inches.

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