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Stormtroopers find themselves in the past.

These three stormtroopers pursued Princess Leia Organa on the planet Bedlam. They soon stumbled upon four spirits: Tilotny, Horliss-Horliss, Cold Danda Sine and Splendid Ap, who decided to "play" with them. Tilotny killed Organa by transforming her heart into a diamond, and one of the stormtroopers was fully transformed into a diamond as well. The remaining two tried to escape, but Tilotny mixed them together. After tiring of playing, she let Splendid Ap clean up the mess. He resurrected the four beings, but as he was unaware of the concept of time, he mistakenly placed the stormtroopers in the distant past. After awakening, one of them, a navigator, realized that they had been transported eight thousand years in the past. They died long before the Battle of Yavin, and the only thing that remained of them was a pile of bones, which Organa stumbled upon.



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