"Dibs on the big pieces! Eat hot trash, Ugorian slime! Death to all single-minded fanatics of Ugor!"
―Crew of the Thrifty[src]

The Thrifty was a Squib needle ship and the Momship of the Squib Reclamation Fleet. It served as the personal vessel of the Squib king, Ebareebaveebeedee, at the beginning of the Galactic Civil War.



Thrifty in battle with Captain's Pride.

The Thrifty was a fairly typical needle ship. It was cobbled together from thousands of sheets of scrap metal and had no weapons save a few tractor beams; these defended it by erecting walls of garbage and hurling pieces of refuse at enemies.

As the Momship, the Thrifty's interior was more ornate than the typical needle ship's. It sported mosaics created from broken dricklefruit jars, and it contained a large audience chamber for the king. This was three meters high and cluttered with sparkly objects and artwork. One mural (made entirely from Imperial Tax Stamps) on the ceiling illustrated a needle ship surrounded by garbage and approaching a green planet.

After a group of Rebel Alliance operatives helped the Squibs steal a gravity-well projector from the Ugors in the Paradise system, Ebareebaveebeedee added murals of the system's descent into chaos and the Rebel heroes. The centerpiece of the chamber was a throne built from the cockpit of a Z-95 Headhunter.


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