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A throne was a ceremonial chair or seat occupied by a figure of authority such as the monarch of Naboo,[1] the Duchess of Mandalore,[2] the members of the Bardottan Bahk-tov Council,[3] and the Galactic Emperor.[4] Figuratively, the term also designated the power, duties, or rank ascribed to a royal person.[5] Aboard the second Death Star, the Emperor's throne was a large, contoured swivel chair with control panels in the arms.[4] In the Imperial Palace, his throne was massive and solid black, but simple with no ostentation.[6] Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order once had a seat similar to a throne on board his flagship, the Supremacy, though this was not an actual throne for royalty.

Some thrones had built-in features that allowed them to act in a functional capacity. For example, the throne in the Theed Royal Palace had a secret compartment in its armrest containing a number of ELG-3A blasters with shortened barrels, a last line of defense for the monarch. This was put to good use by Queen Padmé Amidala during a battle to retake Theed from the Trade Federation, allowing her and Captain Panaka to dispatch the droids inside the throne room and capture Viceroy Nute Gunray.


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