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The throne of Queen Amidala in her Naboo royal starship

"You want me to stop calling you that? Then how 'bout you stop sitting up there on your throne and judging us peasants?"
"I don't have a throne anymore. The Empire blew it up."
Han Solo and Leia Organa[src]

A throne was a ceremonial chair used by a sovereign, a high dignitary, or a similar figure of significant social status. While thrones were typically located in a formal audience room known as "throne room," royal starships would usually contain one as well—as was the case with the J-type 327 Nubian cruiser used by Queen Amidala of Naboo.[1] The Galactic Emperor Palpatine's throne, up to his death during the Battle of Endor, was a basic swivel-chair, owing to his more simple attire of a cloak.[2]

Most thrones were permanent, although some of them were mobile, allowing their users to move about while seated. Such mobile thrones included the Emperiax Walking Thrones[3] and the mechno-chairs used by the Neimoidians of high rank.[4] The Sith Lord Odion had a throne cast from beskar iron installed aboard the bridge of his flagship, the Sword of Ieldis.[5] Some thrones, such as the Neimoidian Throne monument of the Trade Federation during the Invasion of Naboo, were towering structures.[6]

The pacifist Mandalorian faction known as the New Mandalorians constructed a throne for their leader located in their capital city, Sundari, on the Outer Rim world of Mandalore. It was known colloquially as the Throne of Mandalore.[7]



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