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"Through Imperial Eyes" is the seventeenth episode of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels' third season. It is the fifty-fourth episode of the series overall. It aired on February 25, 2017, on Disney XD.[1] It is confirmed to be told at least partially from the first person perspective of Agent Kallus.[6]

Official description

As Thrawn's search for the rebel spy intensifies, Ezra looks to extract Kallus and bring him to the rebel base.[7]

Plot summary

The shuttle thief

The episode opens with the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus waking up in his personal quarters as sirens ring in the background. When Kallus exits his chambers, he sees stormtroopers running down the corridor. A stormtrooper tells him that they are on battle stations mode. Kallus walks to his wash basin and washes his face. Shortly later, Kallus enters the bridge of an Imperial light cruiser orbiting the planet Lothal.

Kallus asks Lieutenant Yogar Lyste if they are under attack but Lyste tells him he is preparing to intercept a stolen shuttle that has blasted its way out of the Lothal Spaceport. Lieutenant Lyster orders the bridge crew to prepare the ship's tractor beam projector. The shuttle turns out to be a Star Commuter 2000. TIE fighters damage the shuttle's right fin. After the tractor beam captures the shuttle, Kallus heads to the landing bay to deal with the problem.

In the landing bay, Kallus meets the stormtrooper boarding party as they forcibly drag a helmeted rebel who turns out to be Ezra Bridger. Ezra is defiant to his captors and calls them "Imperial scum." Kallus orders his men to bring Ezra to the detention block. Shortly later, another stormtrooper brings two droids, who turn out to be the disguised rebel astromech droid Chopper and the former Imperial RA-7 protocol droid AP-5. A stormtrooper tells them to wait for processing but AP-5 replies they can do that just fine, while nodding to a beeping Chopper.

An unexpected reunion

Kallus accompanies Ezra and the stormtroopers to the detention block. After the stormtroopers throw Ezra into a cell, Kallus tells them to leave him to interrogate the rebel alone. Kallus scolds Ezra for getting himself captured and thus endangering them. Kallus fears that he will be executed for treason should his collusion with the rebels be discovered. Ezra warns Kallus that the Galactic Empire has been monitoring his Fulcrum transmissions. When Kallus asks Ezra if he got captured just to warn him, the youth replies that he came to get him out. Kallus scowls that he has no choice now.

The two agree to trust each other just as Lieutenant Lyste orders the guards to open the cell immediately. Ezra feigns being tortured by Kallus and says that he will tell him anything. Lieutenant Lyste is impressed that Kallus has managed to get Ezra to confess but tells him that the interrogation has to wait because Grand Admiral Thrawn's fleet has just arrived. Lyste informs them that Thrawn has summoned them to come aboard his ship and orders the guards to bring the prisoner along. When Kallus asks why, Lyste says he wants to show Thrawn how effective he is in dealing with the rebel threat.

When Kallus insists that the prisoner is just a bounty hunter, Lyste responds that "he is from Lothal and that is enough." Ezra's helmet is left behind. As Kallus, Lyste, and Ezra head towards the cruiser's landing bay, they encounter AP-5 and Chopper. When Lyste demands to know why they are coming, AP-5 claims that his counterpart has a recording of the shuttle theft protocol for them to provide as testimony against the shuttle thief. Lyste reluctantly allows the droids to come along.

Lieutenant Lyste, Agent Kallus, Ezra, and the droids travel aboard a Sentinel-class landing craft to Thrawn's flagship, the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. During the journey, Lyste relates that he has not been summoned for a meeting with a high-ranking official since the incident with the Princess from Alderaan, which he recalls was unpleasant. Lyste endeavors to make their visit a more pleasant one. Kallus reassures him that he will.

Infiltrating the Chimaera

The flight operator tells Shuttle TYA77 to transmit their clearance codes to the Chimaera, which allows them to dock in the Star Destroyer's hangar. Shuttle TYA77 lands and Lyste tells Thrawn's orange-pauldroned stormtroopers that he has brought a prisoner for the Grand Admiral. The stormtroopers take Ezra to Detention Block B7. AP-5 tells Chopper they need to update their status to the retrieval team. Chopper beeps in reply.

Meanwhile, the retrieval team Kanan Jarrus and Rex are flying a stolen shuttle through hyperspace when Chopper tells them they are aboard Grand Admiral Thrawn's Star Destroyer. When Rex demands to know what they are doing there, Kanan translates that Chopper is saying that the Imperials have transferred Ezra there and that he got captured. Rex is alarmed because they had only obtained the clearance codes for the light cruiser and not the Chimaera. Kanan tells Chopper to get them the right clearance codes and he beeps in affirmative.

Back on the Chimaeara, AP-5 tells Chopper he can't download the clearance codes from any normal terminal and that they have to find an officer's port. Meanwhile, Kallus and Lieutenant Lyste walk past several Imperial officers including Captain Brunson, Commander Brom Titus, and an unidentified third officer. All have their hands behind their backs and are being escorted by stormtroopers. Lyste recognizes the individuals as sector command staff and asks what they were doing here. Kallus replies that he can only guess.

The two approach Grand Admiral Thrawn's office and a stormtrooper demands they submit their code cylinders for verification. When Lyste protests, the guard repeats his demand and Kallus explains that Thrawn is known for being thorough. Lyste and Kallus hand their cylinder codes and the guard allows them to proceed inside Thrawn's office.

Thrawn and a familiar face

Inside Thrawn's office, the two Imperial officers find Thrawn sparring with two Imperial sentry droids. When Thrawn notices their presence, he issues the command "Override Rukh" and the two droids enter hibernation mode. Admiral Konstantine tells Lyste and Kallus that he is ready for them before introducing the two visitors to the ISB Colonel Wullf Yularen, Kallus' former instructor. Yularen is pleased to see his former star pupil, whom he keeps tabs on. When Kallus asks what brings him to Lothal, Thrawn replies that they needed his expertise.

Thrawn tells his guests that there is a rebel spy in their midst codenamed Fulcrum. Thrawn vows to learn of his true identity today. Thrawn tells them that the Empire has a traitor in their midst who is feeding the rebels information. He attributes the recent Imperial failures to this traitor. When Lieutenant Lyste vows to do everything in his power to find this traitor, Thrawn thanks Lyste for his enthusiasm but warns him that nobody is above suspicion and that Colonel Yularen will interrogate each of them.

Colonel Yularen tells them to be vigilant and to watch over their personnel and peers. Thrawn insists that their search must be done quickly because he is on the verge of location the rebel base in the sector. When Konstantine asks about his methods, Thrawn explains that he has calculated the possible locations of the rebel base based on their proximity to attacks on Imperial ships and facilities, and most importantly their proximity to Lothal. Thrawn then dismisses Kallus, Lyste, and Yularen.

In private, Colonel Yularen asks Kallus about his thoughts on the profile of the traitor based on his multiple encounters with them. Kallus suggests that the spy is an officer because it was a high-level intelligence leak. When Yularen inquires about how the spy is proficient with their communications systems, Kallus suggests that the spy is in the Communications Division. However, Yularen thinks that it is too obvious and speculates that the spy has a transmission system they are unaware of. Kallus vows to do anything that he can to help and Yularen says he will let his former pupil know.

Aiding the enemy

Later, Lieutenant Lyste tells Kallus that no traitor escapes the eye of Yularen for long. Kallus replies we shall see. The two are then joined by Governor Arihnda Pryce, who congratulates Lyste for apprehending the shuttle thief. In private, Kallus sows disinformation by telling Lyste that the Imperial Security Bureau is watching her. While "whispering" in Lyste's ear, Kallus switches Lyste's cylinder code for his own. Kallus then hints that Pryce is the rebel spy and tells the ambitious Lieutenant to keep an eye on her.

Governor Pryce then goes to meet with Thrawn and Yularen. When she inquires about progress, Thrawn tells her that he is certain that the spy was present at their interviews. He plans to use the spy to sift out more hidden rebels. Yularen reports that a coded rebel message was beamed off the Chimaera after an offship prisoner was transported to Detention Block B7. Thrawn decides to visit the prisoner himself.

Meanwhile, Kallus stumbles upon AP-5 and Chopper arguing about whether to get the codes before they release Bridger. Kallus solves the issue by leading them into Ezra's cell. Kallus tells Ezra to stop hiding on the ceiling, with the boy responding that it worked on previous occasions. When Ezra insists on getting out, AP-5 reports that they won't be able to leave the Chimaera without the proper clearance does. Kallus frees Ezra and tells him that Thrawn is closer to location their base.

Kallus wants to know where the base is so that he can delete it from Thrawn's star chart. Not fully trusting Kallus, Ezra insists on keeping it a secret. Kallus counters that doing so would allow Thrawn to find their base. Kallus reiterates that he can remove the planet from Thrawn's list. AP-5 supports Kallus and adds that accessing Thrawn's Office would allow them to get the clearance codes they need. Ezra replies but asks Kallus to check if Thrawn will be in his office.

Kallus then uses his comlink to tell Lieutenant Lyste that Pryce is heading with Thrawn and Yularen to the detention block. Kallus tells Lyste to keep his eye on Pryce and to remain hidden. Kallus then fetches Ezra an Imperial uniform. When Thrawn enters the detention block with Pryce and Yularen, he finds that the surveillance system has been deactivated. After discovering the prisoner is missing, Yularen tells Kallus and Pryce that his records tell them that Lieutenant Lyste was the last person to enter the detention block.

Breaching Thrawn's Office

Outside Thrawn's Office, Ezra jokes that he looked better in the bounty hunter's outfit but Kallus tells him they need to make sacrifices. Kallus tells AP-5 to wait in to corridor for any sign of Thrawn. AP-5 sights that it is a thankless job. Kallus gets Ezra to use a Jedi mind trick to convince the stormtrooper that he is Lieutenant Lyste and that Admiral Thrawn told him to expect them. Ezra hands the guard Lyste's code cylinder and allows them to enter the office.

Ezra tries to recover Hera's Kalikori but Kallus warns him they are not here to steal art. Ezra counters that Chopper just stole the codes and tells Chopper to transmit the clearance codes to Kanan and Rex. When Kallus asks why, Ezra responds that a secret code was launched from Thrawn's office. Kallus accepts Ezra's explanation. Chopper then transmits the codes to Kanan and Rex. Rex tells the team to meet them in the Chimaera's hangar.

After examining Thrawn's star chart, they find that Thrawn is close to locating Atollon, the site of the rebel base. Kallus tells Chopper to erase Atollon and add another planet as a decoy. AP-5 then contacts Kallus to warn him that Thrawn is at the door of his office. The stormtrooper sentry tells Thrawn that "Lieutenant Lyste" is inside. Believing Lyste to be a traitor, Thrawn enters his office with his armed guards. Chopper shuts off the holomap and he and Ezra hide in the darkened room. While Thrawn examines his map, Kallus sneaks into Thrawn's gym and sets the sentry droids to attack mode.

After flicking the map off, the stormtroopers ask Thrawn if everything is alright. Thrawn replies in the affirmative just as his training sentry droids attack and overpower both guards. Thrawn issues the override code but this has no effect on the droids. Thrawn is then forced to fight the droids and catches sight of "Lyste" fleeing the room. Ezra compliments Kallus for his plan to set assassin droids on Thrawn and they flee with AP-5 and Chopper in tow. Back in his office, Thrawn manages to shoot the droids with one of the stormtroopers' blaster rifles. Thrawn then contacts Colonel Yularen via comlink and tells him to listen carefully.

Helping the rebels escape

Meanwhile, Rex and Kanan exit hyperspace above Lothal to discover Thrawn's Seventh Fleet orbiting the planet. When Kanan asks how many ships, Rex tells him not to worry and to transmit the codes first. A communications officer reports that Shuttle TY992 is cleared to land while Colonel Yularen orders his men to contact Governor Pryce. A disguised Kanan and Rex land in the Chimaera's hangar bay and Rex jokes about losing weight.

Ezra, Kallus, and the droids reach the hangar only to find Governor Pryce greeting the disguised Kanan and Rex. Pryce orders them to remove their helmets because she is arresting them, having determined that the stormtroopers are disguised rebels. Kanan tries to protest but Pryce orders one of Thrawn's stormtroopers to stun him. Rex fires at the trooper and then fights with Pryce in hand-to-had combat. Lyste stumbles upon the fight and thinks that Pryce is the traitor.

Chopper seals the doors just in time before stormtrooper reinforcements arrive. Yularen watches the fight from afar. Pryce manages to knock Rex to the ground but Kanan has recovered. Before she can shoot Kanan, Lyste shoots Pryce, mistaking her for the rebel spy. He turns to help the "trooper" only to learn that the trooper is helping the shuttle thief Ezra to escape. Kallus then knocks him to the ground. When Ezra reminds Kallus that they need to go, Kallus tells him that there has been a change of plans because he has captured "Fulcrum " and that he can do more for the rebellion undercover.

The rebels flee on their shuttle just as Colonel Yularen and stormtrooper reinforcements blast their way through the hangar. Kallus grabs Lyste and denounces him as the rebel spy. Yularen orders the stormtroopers to take Lyste away. Lyste protests his innocence and claims that Pryce is the rebel spy. Lyste tries to tell Kallus but he remains impassive.

Thrawn's debriefing

In Thrawn's Office, Yularen informs the others that Lyste's cylinder code confirms his suspicion that Lyste was the rebel spy who used the cylinder to override security, release the prisoner, and contact the enemy. Pryce adds that she has her own proof of Lyste's alleged treachery and thanks Agent Kallus for saving her life. Kallus apologizes for failing to stop an assassination attempt on the Grand Admiral. Thrawn tells Kallus that no apology is needed because he did not succeed and that the Empire will make a note about his achievements. Thrawn then dismisses Agent Kallus and Governor Pryce.

In private, Yularen remarks that things fell too perfectly in place for his liking. He tells Thrawn that Lieutenant Lyste is not capable of the accusation he is accused of. Thrawn agrees just as a stormtrooper brings in Ezra's helmet. When Thrawn asks Yularen to comment on the design, Yularen remarks that it is some kind of beast. Thrawn replies that it is a stylized expression of a loth-cat, a native creature of Lothal. Thrawn identifies the helmet as the work of the rebel Sabine Wren and surmises that Ezra Bridger is the owner of the helmet.

When Yularen asks why Kallus did not warn them that Ezra was the shuttle thief, Thrawn reveals that Kallus is the real Fulcrum. Thrawn deduced that Kallus used Lyste's code cylinder to implicate the Lieutenant and that he also used the young Jedi's power to access his office and reprogram his droids. Yularen is shocked that one of his former pupils is a traitor to the Empire. Thrawn tells Yularen that is why he was deceived and opines that Kallus will be more useful to the Empire as Fulcrum than he ever was before.



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