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"Thrown Into Battle" is the second of five animated short videos released on May 4, 2017 to promote the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.[5] It was released on the LEGO Star Wars website.[1] On June 17, "Thrown Into Battle" and the other four short videos were released in an omnibus episode called "A New Home" that was released on the LEGO Star Wars website.[6]

Official description[]

Roger saves the Rebel Fleet from certain destruction when he accidentally turns himself into a torpedo.[1]

Plot summary[]

The episode opens with the Alliance Fleet floating in space. In a droid cafe, Chopper is repairing a silver protocol droid while a red protocol droid is servicing another astromech droid. The modified B1-series battle droid Roger enters carrying a tray of drinks and narrowly trips over. He introduces himself as the last of the battle droids to have survived the Clone Wars and talks about his work as an attache to three lovely kids whom he bakes Sweet-sand cookies for. Roger then adds that he is working on his autobiography before serving the droids drinks. Roger clumsily knocks a protocol droid with his tray while talking about his desire for friendship.

Roger tells the droids that he brought them motor oil, a favorite of his. The silver protocol droid points out that it is highly combustible before the room explodes. Roger is thrown out by the force of the blast. He is then chased by the enraged droids. Later, in the Home One hangar, Zander and Rowan Freemaker are repairing the StarScavenger. Zander remarks that his ship has been ripped and put back together so many times that he can't tell what is original.

A battered Roger, who is missing one arm, then enters the hangar. He tells them that he offered some droids a hand in friendship and that they beat him with it. Roger laments that it is so hard to make friends. Kordi repairs his arm and tells him not to give up. When Rowan asks what droids like, Roger has an epiphany and decides to build an improvised buffer. While Roger is building the buffer, Rowan tells him that it looks good but Roger can't hear because he is wearing a muffler. Rowan repeats but Roger can't hear him amidst the noise. In the end, Rowan tells him to keep up the good work.

Suddenly, Admiral Ackbar issues an alert over the com and orders the fleet's starfighters to scramble. The Empire has found the Rebel fleet. An Imperial Star Destroyer approaches the rebel fleet and launches its TIE fighters. Lieutenant Valeria leads Blue Squadron into combat and orders her pilots to take out the Star Destroyer's turbolaser cannons.

Meanwhile, Roger is running out of spare parts and decides to go scavenging. The rebel fighters are unable to break through the Star Destroyer's deflector shields and begin to suffer casualties. While Zander is preoccupied with servicing an A-wing starfighter, Roger borrows a power cell for his buffer; leaving Zander one cell short. Meanwhile, Rowan manages to find an engine for a Y-wing that Kordi is fixing. Roger pinches the engine and several tools. He tosses a piece of scrap which gets caught in the engines of a B-wing starfighter, causing the ship to explode. Klaxons begin ringing.

In space, Valeria is wondering when her reinforcements will come. A Mon Calamari crew member informs Ackbar of a block in the hangar bay that is preventing them from launching more fighters. Ackbar laments that they are doomed without fighter support and stresses they need to break the Imperial shield. Back in the hangar bay, Roger powers up his improvised buffer only to be catapulted into space. Roger crashes into the Star Destroyer's deflector shield generator, bringing down its shields. Admiral Ackbar orders his crew to concentrate all fire on the Star Destroyer, destroying it. Zander cheers until Rowan asks where is Roger.

Later, Roger is picked up in space by the StarScavenger. Roger is awarded a medal for his services by Admiral Ackbar in the presence of the Freemakers and the other rebels. Roger tells Chopper to keep the accident a secret. Roger and Chopper try out the buffer only to be catapulted into space. Zander remarks that Roger forgot to refine the machine.


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