The ThrusterBurn tapcafe was located on Pembric II in Erwithat Spaceport's "Red Zone" district. The atmosphere of the tapcafe was light and airy, and dimly lit booths lined the walls. The middle of the tapcafe was filled with freestanding tables and chairs, and a long bar dominated the wall opposite the main entrance. The tapcafe could seat over two hundred individuals, and a small orchestra and dance floor was set up at the front of the main bar. The bar was made of exotic woods and polished stones set on a raised platform. A casino was located behind the bar area, with sabacc tables, dice games, and Lady Luck. Considered the most popular tapcafe in the spaceport, it was owned by Crev Bombaasa. In 8 ABY, it was managed by Breslin Drake. Shada D'ukal and Talon Karrde visited here in their search for Jorj Car'das during the Caamas Document Crisis.



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