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The Thrynka system was located in the Dohlbani sector,[1] a part of the Slice portion of[2] the Mid Rim.[1] At some point, the individual Jhensara acquired a starship and traveled to the Thrynka system, which she viewed as a promising destination, in order to sell the contents of the ship's cargo-hold. While in transit, however, Jhensara's vessel approached an asteroid storm. After the alarm klaxons of her starship engaged, Jhensara observed the obstacle ahead and quickly determined that she had not arrived in the Thrynka system.[3]

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The Thrynka system was first mentioned in "The History of R-Series Astromech Droids," an article authored by Pablo Hidalgo and published in the August 1995 Star Wars Adventure Journal 7.[3] The Online Companion to the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed it in grid square R-14.[1]

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