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"Wait, what just showed up? A Star Destroyer… A really big, tremendously huge Star Destroyer."
―Kazuda Xiono on seeing The Thunderer[1]

The Thunderer was a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer that was used by the First Order. During the occupation of the Colossus, the Thunderer tried to stop the Colossus from jumping to hyperspace and leaving Castilon. After the supertanker fuel depot's escape, the Thunderer was used by Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre as they continued to pursue the Colossus, under orders from Captain Phasma to capture or destroy it. The Thunderer was destroyed during a skirmish in the Barabesh system against the Colossus.


The Thunderer was a Resurgent-class Battlecruiser and was 2,915.81 meters, the standard length for an Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. As such it was armed with turbolasers , point-defense turrets and tractor beam projectors.


Pursing the Colossus[]

Following the Hosnian Cataclysm, the Thunderer,[18] a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, was dispatched to pursue the Colossus refueling station after the Colossus resistance led by Kazuda Xiono and Jarek Yeager expelled First Order occupation forces led by Commander Pyre and First Order Security Bureau Agent Tierny. Though the Thunderer opened fire on the Colossus, it was unable to stop the station from fleeing into hyperspace.[1]

After the Colossus' escape, Captain Phasma conferred with Pyre and Tierny via holoprojector, ordering them to hunt down the Colossus. She ordered them to destroy the station if they could not recapture it and warned them that failure would be punished severely. Later, Agent Tierny befriended the former Colossus resident Tamara Ryvora, who had become a First Order TIE Fighter Pilot cadet. Bitter towards Xiono and Yeager for keeping secrets, Ryvora agreed to commit herself to the First Order. Xiono later attempted to contact her via comlink but Ryvora was still angry with him.[12]

Skirmish above D'Qar[]

When a fellow Colossus defector named Jace Rucklin discovered the comlink, he persuaded Ryvora to report it to the First Order. Using the comlink, the First Order were able to track the Colossus to the Ileenium system. The Thunderer arrived in the system as the Warbird gang, who had allied themselves with the Colossus, were salvaging the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought Fulminatrix for coaxium for their hyperdrive. Following a brief skirmish, the Colossus managed to evade the Thunderer after Xiono and Neeku Vozo managed to repair the station's hyperdrive. During that, the dreadnought had obliterated the forces of D'Qar.[7]

Training exercises[]

Later, Ryvora, Rucklin, and Lin Gaava joined the other First Order TIE cadets in training exercises aboard TIE/fo space superiority fighters. During an exercise which involved pursuing X-wing drones, Ryvora saved Rucklin's life after his fighter lost control. Despite saving his life, Ryvora was reprimanded by her instructor Lieutenant Galek for disobeying orders. As a result, she was not appointed as leader of her squadron.[10]

Tierny's spy[]

Continuing the hunt for the Colossus, Agent Tierny, with the reluctant support of Commander Pyre, dispatched the Nikto spy and engineer Nenavakasa Nalor to infiltrate the Colossus and sabotage it from within. Posing as a stranded space traveler, Nena managed to befriend the inhabitants of the Colossus and offer her services as an engineer. While repairing the ship's systems, Nena installed regulators into the station's service tunnel, sabotaged its turbines and thrusters, and installed a case blind on its bridge.[15]

Nena also managed to drive a wedge between the Colossus' leader Captain Imanuel Doza and the Warbirds. However, Xiono and the pirate Synara San discovered her conspiracy. Nena managed to escape and alert her First Order handlers, who dispatched the Thunderer to the Colossus' coordinates. The Thunderer attacked the Colossus. However, Kaz and Neeku managed to reverse Nena's sabotage with the help of the pirates, allowing the Colossus to escape into hyperspace. In attempt to deflect blame, Tierny blamed Nena and issued orders for her execution.[15]

Trouble with Venisa Doza[]

Later, the Thunderer managed to track down the Colossus after Captain Doza attempted to use a signal beacon to contact his wife Venisa Doza, who had joined the Resistance. The Thunderer dispatched several TIE fighters, which took on the Colossus' Ace Squadron in a brief dogfight. The Colossus and the Aces managed to escape while the First Order lost one TIE fighter.[6]

Shortly later, Venisa turned up in her X-wing and was captured by the Thunderer's tractor beam. She was taken prisoner by Agent Tierny and several stormtroopers. However, she managed to escape with the help of her astromech droid Torch. During her escape, she encountered Ryvora and Rucklin. While taking Ryvora hostage, she befriended her and managed to get the young lady to question her commitment to the First Order. Following a brief skirmish that resulted in the destruction of several TIE fighters, Venisa and Torch managed to escape in their starfighter.[6]

A supply run[]

While TIE cadets Ryvora and Rucklin were refueling TIE fighters, they were reassigned by Lieutenant Galek on a supply run to the refueling station Titan. While visiting the Titan, the two encountered Xiono and Vozo, who were on a mission to steal a trans-binary deflector for the ailing Colossus. Though Rucklin trapped them, Ryvora secretly helped them escape.[8]

Pursuit on Varkana[]

After the bounty hunter Ax Tagrin alerted Commander Pyre to his capture of several Resistance operatives including Norath Kev and Kaz, the Thunderer traveled to the planet Varkana.[19] While Pyre and Agent Tierny led a detachment to the surface to apprehend the suspects, Lieutenant Galek commanded the Thunderer during a search through the Varkana system for the Colossus.[16]

Tagrin managed to detect the Colossus' location inside a red gas giant by toying with Kaz's Star Commuter 2000 shuttle's communications system. However, this alerted Captain Doza who took the Colossus into hyperspace, eluding Lieutenant Galek. After Kaz and his team escaped Varkana with the help of Ace Squadron, theThunderer attempted to intercept them and dispatched several TIE fighters. However, Torra Doza had arranged with her father Captain Doza to pick them up. After rendezvousing with Kaz's team and Ace Squadron, the Colossus fled into hyperspace.[16]

Battle on Aeos Prime[]

Continuing the hunt for the Colossus, the Thunderer proceeded to dispatch several spider probe droids into space. One of these probe droids encountered Xiono and his racer Fireball above Aeos Prime. Though the probe droid was destroyed, it managed to alert the First Order. In response, Pyre and Tierny dispatched the Thunderer and its complement of TIE fighters and TIE/se Bombers to Aeos Prime to destroy the Colossus.[9]

After the initial starfighter and bomber assault failed to knock out the Colossus, the Thunderer entered Aeos Prime's atmosphere and exchanged fire with the Colossus. Under the leadership of Xiono, Ace Squadron managed to distract the First Order by launching a diversionary attack on the Thunderer, which deployed more TIE fighters. Though the Colossus escaped, Ryvora saved the bridge of the Thunderer from Xiono's missile strike. Due to her efforts, Tierny promoted her to Second Squadron Commander.[9]

Dogfight over Dantooine[]

After Commander Venisa Doza's Jade Squadron, Kaz, Torra, and Hype Fazon broke through the First Order's blockade of Dantooine, Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny deployed the Thunderer and its TIE fighters to prevent the Resistance operatives from evacuating three ships carrying Resistance recruits. Lieutenant Galek's TIE squadron including Rucklin, and Ryvora saw action against Jade Squadron and the Aces. Though Galek and many of her pilots were killed during the skirmish, Rucklin succeeded in destroying one of the shuttles carrying recruits for the Resistance. However, the Resistance operatives managed to escape with the two remaining ships. Following the death of Galek, Tam was promoted to Squadron Leader.[17]

Suppression of Aeosian System[]

The Thunderer later participated in the suppression of the Aeos system, joining thirteen Star Destroyers in orbitally bombarding the Aeosian village as punishment for giving sanctuary to the Colossus. This devastating bombardment led Tam Ryvora to defect from the First Order.[5]

Last battle[]

The Thunderer was finally destroyed during a skirmish in the Barabesh system with the Colossus, whose residents had decided to join the war against the First Order at the urging of Kaz and Ryvora. During the battle, the Ace and Jade Squadrons managed to destroy the Thunderer's engines with the help of CB-23, causing the ship to explode. Commander Pyre was killed during the explosion, with the entire crew, while Agent Tierny was Force choked by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren for her failure to destroy the Colossus.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The Thunderer first appeared in the Star Wars Resistance Season One finale "No Escape: Part 2," which aired on March 17, 2019.[1] It was first identified as the Thunderer in the 2021 reference book Star Wars: Battles that Changed the Galaxy.[18]



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